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Art with Wires – ‘A Line in Motion’ by James Chedburn in Chennai


Can someone create art with wires? Well, today I visited Apparao Galleries in Chennai where the art-work models created by an artist called James Chedburn were displayed. They are calling it ‘A Line in Motion’ because if you look at it closely, you’ll find that just wires and empty space combine to form three-dimensional objects! The object on the right side is a person walking their dog.

We all know that drawings, paintings and even sculptures can move people. Such is the power of art. But creating art with wires is definitely challenging. What is more interesting is, people looking at them were moved and couldn’t take their eyes off the objects for sometime!


Born in Great Britain and now settled in France, James Chedburn is an artist. It seems he prefers to call his works as 3D drawings than sculptures. It seems he used to work with wood, but these days he works with wires. Sometimes, he also experiments a bit by covering his objects using news papers, etc. Art does evolve, right?

Perhaps the most difficult part of his work might be the conversion of mechanical objects/wires into poetry. This is a challenge for any artist. Art has to make people forget their routine at least for a few seconds and get completely immersed in an out-of-the-world experience. Art in India was historically closely connected with religion. I guess the interaction with western forms of art is new to us, but it’s a wonderful experience.


It seems, the artist is inspired by themes like mythology, fallacies of man and animal world, in addition to his work environment. That’s a reason why he decided to make motifs of mosquitoes, the result of working in Indian gardens!

This exhibition of mechanized sculptures is on from 25th August to 22nd September, 2012 in Apparao Galleries, Chennai.

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