Am I the luckiest bike tyre puncturist*???

*Puncturist = A person who gets his tyre punctured. My voluntary contribution to English πŸ™‚

Since I visit various tourist spots on my two-wheeler/bike, I am always worried about what to do, if my bike tyre gets punctured in some remote area, where there is no tyre shop?? You know what – It never happens!!!

Before a few years, when I was driving through the Sathyam theater road in Chennai, my tyre suddenly got punctured. Just as I was about to exclaim, ‘Oh no, what do I do?’, I sawΒ 2-3 persons who were calling me to their (respective!!) puncture shops! I thought, ‘Wow, this is my lucky day – there are so many puncture shops right next to the spot!’

After I reached office, people told me, ‘Aren’t you aware? That road is famous for bike punctures!! Ha ha ha…’ Yeah, maybe they could include all this info in the driving licence examination test – so that, all of us can become aware of such things in advance!!

When I was in Coimbatore, there were two roads that led to the main road from my home. My bike tyre got frequently punctured while taking one of them, but when I took the other road it never got punctured at all! Then I discovered that there were two tyre puncture shops on the first road and none, on the other. Since bike tyres are generally loyal to its owners, perhaps it gets punctured only where help is nearby??

Back in Chennai, once my tyre got punctured on a flyover. Guess what I found when I got down – A bike puncture guy right on the bottom of that flyover!! Talk about LUCK.

My luckiest stint happened before a couple of days when my bike tyre got punctured on the highway. It was also raining and hence I thought I had finally run out of all my puncture-luck. No. There were two people standing (with umbrellas) at the corner of the nearby road and were signalling the direction of the puncture shop, which was right Β opposite toΒ that road!!!

This reminds me of a conversation in a (music) TV dial-in show –

“Hello, what do you do?”

“I run a tyre puncture shop”

“At what distance (from your shop) do you place the nail?”

“Ha ha ha ha”


“Ha ha ha ha”


Destination Infinity

Business Lesson for those without MBA#~: When there is no demand, create it!!

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  • Sandhya Kumar

    Good one! I remembered a very old film clip watching in TV. Shivaji and Ramachandran or some actor…they were without jobs. So, they plan a job…Ramachandran would go on some street and break windows pelting stones on them…after a few minutes, Shivaji would appear ‘jannal repair panrathu’ and he repairs and takes the money…After few times, they are caught. Your incidents look like that, esp. your puncture on the overbridge and two people waiting for you!

    I am unable to post the comment often…it says ‘invalid date’. I check the data again and everything looks OK. After 3rd click, it works. This is happening often here!

    • Rajesh K

      I will look into the comments issue.

      Creating demand (like the situation you have mention) happens from time to time in our industry. But when it happens in the medical/related fields, it is shocking to us. I guess eventually these people get caught. Those tyre shops opp. Sathyam theater are no longer there.

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      In addition to watching the people, animals and other vehicles on the road, now we need to watch the road before us to spot nails, etc.!! Maybe we could carry some self-puncture kits or use self-insulating tyres??

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      It happens in situations where vendors know that their customers will never return. One-time customers. But that is the problem as well – repeat business is not an option!

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Yes, sometimes when I feel philanthropic, I donate some words to English. It’s up to the scholars to accept it, through πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

  • Nita

    Nice. πŸ™‚ On a more serious note, once our car stalled in the middle of the night in an isolated area in Delhi where two murders had just recently taken place! it was dead of winter and thick fog. My husband got out and opened the hood to try and figure out what had happened to our premier padmini (this incident happened 20 years ago) when a ghostly figure appeared out of the shadows. I almost screamed! However it was a mechanic! πŸ™‚ He said he was just passing by on his cycle and saw our car! He fixed the car. πŸ™‚ Lucky, because there were no cell phones those days. Nor were there any sign of civilisation about.

  • Nita

    Well, it was an amazing experience and when we told it to people they felt some higher force was at work! πŸ™‚ However being the pragmatic person that I am I refuse to believe that it is anything but a coincidence. πŸ™‚

  • Manogna

    this has happened to me so many times that i forgot the count!
    It so happened one fine morning i was in hurry to reach office and the Tyre got punctured just in front of the shop!
    It was when i told my daddy in my innocence that i was very lucky to have a shop nearby , that he broke it to me that it was the work of shop owners!
    So if you find a puncture shop in a vicinity , you have to extra careful about puncturing your tyre!

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