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Vicky Donor (’12) Bollywood Movie Review

Vicky Donor is a Hindi/Bollywood movie released in 2012 starring Ayushman Khurrana, Yami Gautam & Annu Kapoor. It is directed by Shoojit Sircar. I did find this movie interesting until slightly after the marriage of the lead characters. After that, I wished that the movie would just end! This film would have been much better as a full-length comedy movie.

It starts as a comedy movie and you can’t help but laugh at many hilarious scenes, presented initially. After the marriage of the lead characters, two things make it boring – artificial ‘anger’ of the heroine and propaganda. This is the second ‘hit’ movie made by Shoojit Sircar I am watching, and I don’t understand why he wants to rely on propaganda so much.

If there is a message to be conveyed, convey it on a sublime level and give importance to the story. Why give propaganda, the same status as the main characters? This movie feels as if it was produced by some association of infertility clinics or something (though I guess it is not) – It just feels that way.

The movie starts wonderfully – the scenes where the hero is followed by Annu Kapoor to convince him to donate sperm, the reactions of people when he says that he is a sperm donor, the Punjabi-Bong marriage – all these situations are funny and move quickly. These scenes are a pleasure to watch.

But once the MCs get married, the fake ‘anger’ of the heroine is so bland that the viewers are confused if/why she is angry at all? Imagine – she is a divorcee, she cannot have kids, but all that is fine. The hero has to take it all sportively. But, she just cannot tolerate the fact that he concealed a vital from her, that he was a sperm donor!

At least if that anger was real and the heroine was firm enough/showed some appropriate emotions, it would have been slightly more believable. But the heroine is just not able to decide if she wants to be angry or not. This just makes all those crying scenes boring and unrealistic, for the viewers.

And then comes the propaganda and realization. Extremely artificial. But compared with those fake tears, this is slightly better.

70% – An excellent off-beat comedy movie. Remaining 30% – Boring.

Now, you know when to switch off. The first 70% of this movie makes it worthwhile to watch it – just skip the last 30% and you’ll retain some happy moments to cherish from the movie-watching experience.

If only it was full length comedy movie sans propaganda, this would have been THE MOVIE. Nice songs, BTW.

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