How far would someone go, for their Love?

How far would someone go, for their Love? Let’s see how far our hero – SKR, goes, for his love!

The heroine, KLJ, was brought up ‘traditionally’ in the UK, by her strict father Amrish Chapatti. She wants to ‘live’ life to the fullest, but her father wants to get her married. Somehow, KLJ convinces her father to send her on a Europe trip (presumably with her girlfriends), before she (has to) marry and settle down in India.

Right on the first day, nah… the first minute of her journey, she meets the hero – SKR, who slowly impresses her during the course of the trip. She mostly travels with him (due to circumstances). Then she is back to home and realizes that she has found her ‘true’ love. But father comes to know and quickly moves her to India and makes arrangements for the marriage. KLJ is so sad, until she hears a song (that was sung from a long distance away, without any kind of mic!!) –

“When I see you I Realize Darling, that Love is Crazy Darling…”

They dance and SKR crashes into the wedding party, as a (newfound) friend of the villain (well, one of the villains anyway). Thereupon, he works very very very hard to impress each and every member of the ladki-wale. No one escapes his to-be-impressed list, and he does all that with seasoned flair and perfection, much to KLJ’s delight.

Eventually, the ‘real’ motive of SKR is discovered, and there is a fight in the railway station. He beats off everyone, but he is just not able to hit the girl’s father – Amrish Chapatti. He then renounces KLJ and boards the train to go back to UK*. But KLJ is in no mood to leave him and she pleads with her father (while dragging her hand towards the train). Her father finally relents – “Go live your life,” he says while leaving her hand.

Someone plays some cool background music, and KLJ runs in slow motion to reach the hand of SRK, who’s near the door of the train, that starts moving by now. SKR catches KLJ’s hand and everyone thinks he is going to help her get inside the train.

But he pushes her out.

KJL falls down on the platform and looks towards SKR in the moving train, who by now removes a black cooling glass from his pocket and wears it. He smiles at her. She is in tears. No one is able to understand why he does this, especially after all his extra-human efforts.

After a few days, KLJ receives a mail from SKR (not an email, a LETTER – read properly).

Dear KLJ,

I know, you should be shocked and upset about my behaviour on that day when I pushed you to the platform, when I could have lifted you in. I think, at the least, you deserve to know why I did it.

I am an author. I write romance novels. None of my novels has clicked with the editors until now. They all tell me the same thing – my stories are hopeless because they are just not realistic enough. I was very upset and desperate to succeed as an author.

That’s when I found you, and I simultaneously found an original & realistic love story. I waited until there was a positive ending to it. So, I did everything possible to that end. Finally, on that day, your father accepted our love story, and I found what I was looking for! That’s why I pushed you out of the train. I hope you understand that our relationship was a part of my professional research, nothing personal.

Yours – SKR.

She was just not able to believe how far he went, for his love ~ novel-writing 😀

Destination Infinity

* He starts his journey from India to UK on a Train, but eventually will travel in a British Airways flight. Why BA, and not Air India or anything else? Because this article has been written for an indiBlogger contest sponsored by British Airways 🙂

** Resemblance to some movie released in 1995 is purely intentional 😉

*** If you are in the mood to see an ***emotional*** advertisement by British Airways, here it is –

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