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Ishqiya Hindi Movie Review

Ishqiya is a Hindi movie released in 2010. It stars Vidya Balan, Arshad Warsi & Naseruddin Shah. A nicely executed movie with a strong screenplay. Do watch it.

The two lead men are thieves who reach Vidya Balan’s house, whose husband, a local gang lord, is killed in a bomb blast. They bring a lot of (stolen) money with them which goes missing in that house. The owner of the money, their former boss, traces them and gives them an ultimatum to return the money.

Vidya Balan seduces both of them and convinces them to kidnap a local businessman for money. But, she has her own agenda, which is revealed sometime later. What happens to the three of them after that, is the story.

This movie is more of a thriller than a “love story”. It’s strange that they choose this title. The screenplay for the thriller is very good and keeps the audience hooked to their seats until the last moment. There are no logical flaws and the movie is somewhat realistic. The ending was difficult to guess. I liked it for the thriller aspect and the twists were good.

The kind of new-age romance, like all the new-age romance shown on the screen nowadays, is very strange – at least to people of my generation!

All the three lead characters play their parts very well (needless to say, I guess). This is one movie which didn’t bore me, and in the end I was actually glad. Strong screenplay, good acting and mild humor makes this movie worth watching once. They could have kept this a pure thriller-comedy instead of unnecessarily trying to bring in romantic elements. Then, it would have become as good as Kahaani.

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