Job Scam: Freshers Paying a Company to get a Job

I was talking to a relative and I came to know about a new type of job scam where freshers need pay a company to join them as an employee! If you are a fresher or you know any fresher, please ask them to be careful with such type of jobs. They are mostly scams.

The company in question is a large Indian company, and I am surprised why such a big company is indulging in cheap scamming activities like this.

Basically, in this company, a fresher needs to pay Rs. One Lakh to get a job. Once the fresher is appointed, he/she is made to do unbearably huge amount of work, almost throughout the day. The fresher will soon get very tired of the demanding schedule and will leave the company within a couple of months (max). He/She not only works so much for the limited salary paid, but also loses that One Lakh advance payment.

I was already familiar with another type of scam where freshers are made to pay for “training expenditure”. Once they complete the training and join, they are either made to work a lot for limited salary and/or pressurized to leave the company. I think, some unscrupulous companies are taking advantage of the fear that freshers generally have, while searching for jobs.

Now, whatever insecurities they might have, I think freshers should stay away from companies that demand money as a criterion to join them (for a job). I mean, you are either good for the job or you are not. Giving money doesn’t magically make you good for the job. The chances that the company will cheat you is quite high in such cases.

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PS: Are you guys familiar with any such job scams targeting freshers? Please let know in the comments.

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  • SG

    Pay money to the company to get a job in that company? Ridiculous. I will never apply with such company. Never heard of that here in USA. In fact, many companies in USA pay the new recruits a “signing bonus” even before they report to work on day one.

    Why don’t you publish the name of the company to expose them? They cannot do anything to you.

    • Rajesh K

      I heard about this from someone, but I have not met the person who was cheated or I have not verified it through other sources. That’s why I cannot publish the name of the company.

      Destination Infinity

  • Bikram

    🙂 I use to get so many emails where such a thing was demanded, that I pay them the fees and then after training I will get the job..

    Its all money making schemes and they know there is so much of unemployment that many would actually be willing to give that amount for the job.. they probably made lakhs 🙂
    you should have given the name of the company 🙂


    • Rajesh K

      In India, we don’t make police complaints so soon. Maybe that’s what is fueling the scamsters. High time we start taking the help of police and courts or at least spread the word. That will deter the scamsters a bit.

      Destination Infinity

  • Jeevan

    One of my dad’s friend sons got a job in a leading car company as a trainee for a year and he can’t take a day off from work except Sunday holiday, but once the year completed or later they dropped him from selecting to continue work. As a trainee they squashed him as much possible and left him, but he joined another company with the year’s experience… I think many companies follow this technique; they get their jobs done with the less paid trainees and left them conveying some reason…

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