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Kochadiyaan Tamil Movie Review


Kochadiyaan is a Tamil movie released in 2014 starring Rajnikanth and Deepika Padukone. It’s set in a historical context and animation has been used extensively to make the movie (except the actors’ faces and emotions, everything else has been created using animations).

The story is interesting (and good), but the graphics makes it unrealistic. For this budget (120 crores) they could have filmed the movie with real characters and real locations, and it may have been much better. Still, you can watch it once.

I think the attempt is laudable – the shift from traditional movie making to animation-based movie making, that too for a commercial movie featuring Rajnikanth! I think the movie did well in Tamil Nadu.

It’s difficult to compare this movie with the likes of Avatar. The producer spoke during a recent workshop and he said that at least ten times more budget maybe required to make a realistic animation movie. Even with Rajnikanth in the lead, it’ll be difficult to take that kind of a risk in India!

The story is good, graphics (except the character movement & actions) is good, songs/bg music is good. A few songs were unnecessary – they break the flow of the movie. The movie might have been better without any songs, but a couple of them were good.

The story was good enough, but a few characters were wasted. Like the prince, who disappears after his marriage to Rana’s sister. And the third Rajnikanth (Sena) who makes his appearance during the climax, after the war. How much better it would have been if Rana was in some life threatening situation, and Sena suddenly comes and saves him in the climax!

One interesting thing they did was to bring back Nagesh (yester-year comedian) to the screen. They used some mimicry artist to recreate his voice. Looks like, in the future, no actors will be required to make a movie – they might be able to create everyone through graphics!

Good movie set in historical context. If they had focused more on realism, the movie could have been much better. But hey, this is Rajnikanth’s movie! 🙂

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  • Manogna

    Say,when the director is Rajnikanth’s daughter and when she has Rajnikanth’s dates for the movie, why does she go and waste it by making animation movie which sucks? I wanted to watch it,but going by the promos, I avoided it like plague. When there is real Rajni to watch, who will go about watching a Rajni animated movie?(not even a hard core fan like me!)
    It would have been a blockbuster had she used original Rajni in triple action. I pity Deepika Padukone who looked like a nightmare in some places!

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