Why Movie Stars Act as Heroes Even At 50/60?

I am not saying it’s wrong. Who am I to say that? But I want to understand what motivates movie stars to still act as (mostly young) heroes even after they are 50/60 years old? I am not sure how prevalent this is in Bollywood, but in the South Indian movie industry, this is very common.

Let’s look at some possible reasons below:

  1. People want them to continue acting as heroes.
  2. Men consider acting in movies (particularly as a hero) as a career, like any other job, but without any official retirement age! In contrast, women will have to stop acting as heroines at around 35.
  3. They are addicted to money (that their job gives them) and have formed lavish lifestyles which they’ll have to slowly give up if they don’t continue acting as a hero.
  4. They are addicted to fame. They want their name to be on all major dailies, magazines and websites, and relish being in the limelight always. So much that they just cannot tolerate a life without all that glitz, attention and fan-following.
  5. There are no credible actors to replace them.
  6. Producers make money, theaters get a good collection – so why not?
  7. Make up/graphics field has improved so much that they can make a 50/60 year old person look like 25.
  8. They have a considerable clout in the industry that they can command producers/directors to continue portraying them as heroes.
  9. Age is just a number, for them.
  10. They think their past accolades and achievements are enough to make people forget their current age (and the lack of realism in the roles they play).

I am intrigued by this phenomenon, which seems to be true across the world, not just in India. That’s why I want to know why. Of course, this post has not been written in an accusatory tone, and I don’t want to pin point anyone. I am just curious, that’s all.

Why do heroes find it difficult to transition into character roles, which might suit their age/role better, even at (around) the age of 50/60?ย Can you think of some more reasons?

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9 thoughts on “Why Movie Stars Act as Heroes Even At 50/60?

  1. Let me start a bit of controversary here DI ๐Ÿ™‚ he he he its only the males.. they dont get old .. only the females do HA ha ha ha the heroines ..

    I was watching this show comedy with kapil and Mr. dharmendra had come and then came Poonam Dhillon for some movie , in which they are wife and husband .. NOW what is astonishing is that she was the same heroine who had come in movies with Sunny deol as main lead and now she is working with the Father .. while Sunny is still coming as hero ๐Ÿ™‚ the wonders of Bollywood ..

    I dont think the heroine would want to stop , they are just not picked when the director can get a 19 year old to act with a 50+ year man ..

    Now i was talking of controversary well another one here , I am sure there are so many blogs where people say of women are treated bad this and that YET the same people who shout so much go and watch these movies ๐Ÿ™‚ where there is so much difference of age and a 50 year one is paired with a 19 year old , ROmancing and doing what not ..

    something ot think about ..

  2. I think it is the number 8 that you have mentioned here. Because of their clout they can dictate their terms and conditions and continue to act as heroes howsoever unrealistic their role may be and rest of the things follow!

  3. You have covered everything and nothing to add. But I have a question. You said this phenomenon is true across the world. I beg to differ with you. Just tell me one 65 year old, outside of Indian movies, acting as a college student or a 25 year old.

    1. Agree with SG’s comment. People who act in hollywood take roles that suit their age. Only in Indian movies, we see a 50/60 year old hero dancing with a 19 year old heroine. I think all the points you mentioned are true to some extent. #6 is the most likely reason.

  4. I guess as long as there is viewership, the phenomenon continues (all other reasons can still hold true but won’t make a difference if people/ viewers don’t watch). They tried, tested, it worked, and it goes on.
    Also, I guess, age is only in real life. In the movie, they take on a character (that’s why we call it acting) so it doesn’t matter how old they are in real life, I guess! As long as the actor (irrespective of the gender) gets into the skin of the character and can convince the viewer, I guess people still enjoy the show.

  5. True, old men pretending to be young men is more common here. I think that casting is not taken seriously here as much as it is there. casting here is based more on stardom because stars sell. That is the fault of the audience.
    There, the person has to suit the role. In hollywood movies, or even tv serials, it is not just acting talent they try and find. The look has to be right for the role. They make an effort to have some resemblance between parents and kids for example. Actors lose weight or put on weight to suit the role etc. I am sure some actors do it here too, but it is less common.

  6. Not all actors continue as heroes. I think itโ€™s the opportunity decides whether they should continue or notโ€ฆ as long they are provided with chances they will continue, but like you said: choosing age wise characters will better suit them and also making it alive.

  7. A multitude of reasons.

    They may still have the passion to act (but not just doing the hero’s role!). People would want to cash-in on their name and fan following, and producers might come up with the idea of giving a lame story to a good actor of the past.

    Somehow that chauvinism is still there in this industry. When married women aren’t expected to do well in their career as before, or gracefully exit after a point of time, Bald heroes still get to romance pretty girls. That’s unfair no?

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