My Novel is Now Available in Flipkart!!

I hope you all remember my first novel – The Archers Revenge, a Crime Fiction set in India. I had published it as an eBook on Amazon.

But there are many readers (esp. in India) who prefer reading a paperback/hard copy book. That’s why I made the novel available on on Print-On-Demand (POD) basis. POD means, copies of the book are made immediately upon order and shipped. The delivery may take 5-7 days, but as an author, I don’t have to buy/stock hundreds of books, just to see my book in print. They print as many books as needed (even if it’s just one), whenever needed.

The price of the book is slightly higher than the cost of mass printed book, but at least the book is now available as a hard copy, and that matters. And Flipkart is currently offering free delivery for all books sold by their WS Retail. Of course, there is always the option of buying the cheaper eBook.

Have a look at the author’s copy that I ordered for myself from

 photo The-Archers-Revenge-Paperback-Flipkart-Pothi_zps0a1e83c0.jpg

🙂 Isn’t POD wonderful? For two hundred and fifty rupees, I made my book available for anyone to buy, and bought a copy for myself as well!

Since my novel is a self-published book, I didn’t have much hopes of displaying/selling it in any bookshop in India. But then, I came across the Online Extended Distribution option in where we can make the hard-copy of our novel available on Flipkart (and Amazon) for Rs. 1500 a year. I am not sure if I’ll extend it after one year, but for now –

My book has been listed and is available to buy from the Largest (Online) Book Shop in India – Flipkart!! WoOoOo HoOoOoOoOo 😀 🙂 😀

Here’s the Flipkart product page, once again.

Don’t you think that’s cool? Thanks to 🙂

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