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Three Movies I Like

This is a guest post by Manogna who blogs at Bee After You


Movie Discussion: When writer and fellow blogger Rajesh (Destination Infinity) gave me movies as a topic for my guest post, I decided to write about a movie each in the three languages that I love.

Telugu – Being my mother tongue, I chose Atharintiki Daaredi (roughly translated to English as ‘Road to my aunt’s home?’) starring Power star Pawan Kalyan, directed by Trivikram Srinivas as a latest addition to my list of favourites.

The story is about a young man millionaire who returns to India to unite his aunt and her family with his ailing grandfather, in the process falling in love with his aunt’s daughter played by Samantha. Yesteryear heroine Nadia plays the aunt. (Whoever her stylist is, I want to add, is a gem! Great sarees)

Plus – Pukka commercial entertainer, dialogues which are witty and clever at the same time, fresh pairing, good songs and plenty of comedy sprinkled through-out the movie. Especially the mini drama of Ahalya, from Ramayanam.

Minus – Just because the hero saved the life of the long lost aunt’s hubby, he is hired as a driver! The hero was supposed to be a millionaire! Bit too much to believe. (I still don’t understand why Boman Irani had to play grandfather to Pawan Kalyan? But it is a director’s call.)

Overall it is a family entertainer worth watching with family. I already watched it more than twice. (I generally don’t watch movies more than once.)

Hindi – Being my first language in school and my favourite at that, I enjoy Hindi movies. My favourite Hindi movie among many others is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (roughly translated in English to ‘We live only once’), starring Abhay Deol, Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Aktar, directed by his twin sister, Zoya Aktar.

Three friends decide to go away to Spain before one of them is getting married to enjoy last stages of Bachelorhood. What they learn by the end of the movie forms the rest of the story.

Plus – Fabulous story (about overcoming ones fears ,living without regrets and celebrating the life as there is no other), acting by lead actors, direction. I never knew movie can be so enthralling. For the first time ever, I could completely relate to the movie in spite of having nothing in common with the leads except being able to feel their pain and enjoy their happiness as if it was mine. At some places, even the lack of dialogues doesn’t stop the flow. Even silence speaks!

Minus – Bet you guys to find out anything lacking in this script 😉

Especially loved the sky dive scene – excellent, and the scene where Abhay Deol tells his friends about his love proposal!

Tamil – With some of the best actors and my personal favourite Tamil Matinee Idols being Rajnikanth, Kamal Hasan and Vikram, Tamil is another of my favourites. So here I select Anniyan (Dubbed as Aparichitudu in Telugu – roughly translated to ‘Stranger’ in English).

A sincere lawyer who hates corruption is helped by a stranger (Anniyan) to end corruption. Who is that stranger? Where does he come from? How are the lawyer and the stranger related?How does the stranger punish the corrupt people?

Plus – Superb acting by Chiyaan Vikram, direction by Shankar – excellent songs, music, story (Though inspired from Sidney Sheldon novel, Tell Me Your Dreams). Watched the movie to see how the director had handled the tough subject and I should say he was successful in his attempt.

Minus – I had this doubt of how a calm lawyer suddenly developed washboard abs and biceps (or triceps is it?) to fight villains.

I particularly love the climax scene and the scenes between a police officer played by Prakash Raj and the Anniyan Vikram.


1. Since I am a movie fanatic; I have many more favourites in my list. But I have selected the most memorable movies which had captured me. Out of these three, my all-time favourite is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

2. What are you favourite movies? Have you seen these movies? If not…go for it.


I have already written about my top three favorite movies here. Here’s the link to my guest post on Bee After you – “Dream Travel Destination“.

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