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Since SG who blogs at Shoot the Breeze is temporarily in Chennai, and I’ve been following his blog for more than 2 years, I thought why not meet him once. So we met at the GRT Grand Days hotel in Chennai last week. Actually, SG suggested the hotel, as he has been there once before. I was not aware of it, so I googled to check where it is. But then I found out that it is a Five Star hotel!! In my current situation I am not exactly looking forward to eat in five star hotels as the bill amount will be high. So I tried to convince him to meet at Coffee Day, but he once again suggested this place, so I accepted.

I went there ten minutes early and sent an sms to him from the lobby. A phone opposite to me buzzed, and then I realized he was sitting right opposite to me! We went into Copper Point restaurant in the ground floor.

The menu card was placed in front of us while we were talking and I was tensed even to look at the prices!! I ordered lassi – it was OK. Then I ordered fruit dosa. This is supposed to be a starter, but almost filled my stomach. It tastes very good though, so you might not want to miss this one if you go there. One plate (6 pieces) should be sufficient for three ppl.

Then we ordered butter naan and veg curry. I just ate one half and I was already full. Taste-wise, it was fine. North Indian restaurants and Punjabi Dhabas make this very well. Then we had a 1/2 kulfi as we were already full. In the end, they gave us a feedback form that was larger than Engineering entrance exam question paper!! 🙂

We spoke about a lot of things including blogging, bloggers we have met, posts, comments, etc. I was surprised that we were able to recollect some comments made before 2 years! I asked him who this superstar commenter ‘Who Says This’ was, and SG maintains that he is a friend in US 😉 SG paid the bill in the end, so thanks to him 🙂

I think we were there for about 2.5 hours and then I told him I had to leave for the Indian Biodiversity Congress expo at SRM college. When I reached SRM college, beyond Vandaloor zoo, I came to know that the expo was in the month of December, not November. Then why advertise it in the events section of the newspaper, in Nov.??! I had a  huge light bulb moment at the security office 😛

On my way back, since I didn’t want that travel to be wasted, I took the photo of the interesting Tumbler shaped IT park building I found near SRM/Vandalur that you saw in the beginning of this post.

All in all, an afternoon and evening eventfully spent 🙂

Destination Infinity

PS: I can meet others also in five star restaurants, but you should follow the (bill paying) example set by SG 😛

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