My Airbnb Travel Accomodation Wishlist

Airbnb is a website that enables you to book any property (like rooms, homes, guest houses, villas, etc.) on a temporary basis (for one day, one week, etc.) when you travel to a new city in India or anywhere in the world. This is an option for people who want to stay in homes/guest houses among families in a quiet residential locality, instead of commercial locations (where hotels are located).

In addition to being quiet, booking through Airbnb might enable you to enjoy unique services and amenities that may not be available in hotels/lodges. Also, if you are not able to get a hotel booking on your next travel, don’t forget to check for options in Airbnb.  Who knows, your stay/experience maybe better!

Anyone with a vacant house/room can also list their property (to be availed by travelers on a rental basis) in this site. So if you have an unoccupied house, why not list it and generate some additional revenue through Airbnb.

Here are five properties on Airbnb I have shortlisted (My Wishlist):

1. FixNix in Vellore:

This is a technology start-up company located in Vellore and they host guests in a spare room. I’d love to interact with the team there and know what they are doing and how things work in a start up. Instead of staying in a hotel, if I stay here, I can also learn something.

2. Village Villa, Sholingur:

This is a village-style 1BHK house with a swimming pool and garden. That should be an experience! Good to see affordable properties from small towns around my area being listed on this site. There are a good number of rental options for larger cities, towns.

3. Music Room, Pondicherry: 

Beat that, you expensive hotels 🙂 Music-themed room is one among various other themed rooms maintained by this host. In this room, there are musical props (like statues) and music-themed wall painting and there is music anywhere you see. Imagine spending the whole night listening to music in such a room. Ha! 🙂

4. Eco-Lodge, Portugal:

Since this is only a wishlist, I thought I could list some international properties too. So the Eco-Lodge is a luxurious hut situated at the bottom of a small hill. I love staying in the nature’s lap without missing my modern amenities 😛

5. Net-Zero Home, Oregon, US:

How cool is that! A Net-Zero Passive house is one that is constructed in a way that results in net-zero carbon footprint in spite of the occupants utilizing energy. They use natural lighting, natural ventilation, renewable energy (solar panels, etc.) and other innovative techniques to bring down  the energy consumption (and carbon footprint) to zero. Wow, that’s a house I want to build someday and staying in one can be inspiring and educational!

Go explore Airbnb for yourself and consider booking rooms, guest houses/villas from this site on your next travel. If you register in the site using the above link (using Email, FB or G+), you’ll get a credit for Rs. 1,544/- that you can use to book properties for rent, across the world. If  you are planning to travel shortly, I am sure that extra money would come in handy!

Destination Infinity

This post was written for an indiBlogger Happy Hour contest. 

So, would you prefer to stay in a hotel/lodge or rooms/guest houses leased by individuals? What are the problems you face with travel accommodation? Let know in the comments.

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