First Vegan Restaurant of Chennai: VeganeR, Nungambakkam


VeganeR is the first Vegan restaurant of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Vegan is a lifestyle/food habit where the patrons are vegetarians and don’t eat milk or diary products (butter, cheese, ghee, ice cream, curd/yogurt, etc.).

Address: VeganeR, 33/1, Shafee Mohammed Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 34. Ph: 044-43195195. Location/How to get there: Reach Greams Road from College Road and take the right turn immediately after you cross the road that goes to Appolo Hospitals. Or from Nungambakkam High Road, reach Khadar Nawaz Khan Road, go till the end, take a right, you’ll find this restaurant at the corner of a junction, a few meters ahead.


Vegans avoid milk and diary products not only to discourage unethical treatment to cows in diary farms but also for health reasons: Milk contains casein, a carcinogen, a mild toxic; contains traces of drugs/hormones fed to cows for higher yield; contains gluten, etc. A more comprehensive explanation on why go vegan is here.


This is what I had yesterday: Banana dosa (sweet, yummy!), keera vadai (nice) and paniyaram (good). They serve different types of South Indian delicacies including idly, dosa, puttu, etc. They also serve special items – a combination of Indian/South Indian recipes made of rice, wheat, vegetables, and fruits.


I liked the taste. The hotel looks good and is neatly maintained. The service is good and (relatively) quick. Someone even came and asked me what I felt about the food.

They had set up a food exhibit in the recently concluded 42nd World Veg Fest @ Anna University, Chennai, where they displayed popular vegan food and recipes from many countries. I asked them if they’ll include some of them in their menu, and they said based on the demand they may include in the future. Right now it’s mostly Indian specialty vegan dishes (without milk/diary products).

The pricing is moderate, ambiance is good, and the taste is great. Do drop in if you visit Chennai sometime and see if you’d want to follow vegan lifestyle or at least reduce milk/diary products.

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