13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck (Book Review)

When a popular fiction author writes non fiction, one is  intrigued. So when one of my favorite Indian author Ashwin Sanghi — who has already shown his extensive research capabilities in his fiction books — published this book, ’13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck’ via Westland Publishers, I had to read it. 

Is there luck, or is luck simply a result of hard work and perseverance? In this book, Ashwin Sanghi says that luck can be engineered, and people share qualities like: Networking, listening to their intuition, taking calculated risks, alertness, conquering fear, goodness, etc. are, no wonder, luckier.

Though most of this is common sense and we know that intuitively, sometimes we forget. Reading a book like this is a good reminder to apply/follow these qualities in our day to day life. Even if the book results in us adapting one positive quality that improves our life, it’s an excellent return on investment!

The best thing about the book is the number of examples the author provides from his own life, from the lives of people whom he knows, from the lives of great (lucky) personalities who have lived before us (or) continue to live. There many previously unknown inspirational people/incidents I learned via this book.

Though I liked this book and would recommend it to everyone, there are a few things to note.

First, when an author is writing a self help book, it’s better they not consider their opinion as supreme. They should acknowledge that there could be a different opinion/truth, that they themselves might change their mind later, and their tone should reflect that maturity. This book doesn’t. But since it’s the author’s first book, I think it’s OK.

Second, the examples, though appropriate and good, were on a superficial level – there is no in-depth research in any of them. Being familiar with the kind of research Ashwin is capable of in books like Chanakya’s Chant and Krishna Key, I was a little surprised. But maybe the objective of the book was to present a short glimpse into incidences only, and not delve into details. So I think this is also fine.

Altogether a short, excellent, and inexpensive book to pickup when you find yourself a little depressed, or when you want a reminder of what qualities you should imbibe into your life if you want to be successful, and of course – Lucky! 🙂

  • You can buy ’13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck’ by Ashwin Sanghi from Amazon.in or Flipkart in India. (Disclaimer: These are affiliate links. If you buy the product after clicking on these links, I may get a small commission. Your price will not change.)

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6 thoughts on “13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck (Book Review)

  1. I didn’t read any of the books by Ashwin sanghi. My sister suggested me t o read Chanakya’s chant, but then i seem to be reading back to back books for reviews, so couldn’t read this one. Will have to read it soon.

    1. Since I like reading non fiction, I like reading Ashwin Sanghi’s books all the more. They are so well researched. But this one didn’t have the depth of research that his previous books did.

      Destination Infinity

  2. Wow! Ashwin Sanghi wrote this? I should check this out then.

    And I agree with you, some things will lose out their charm if overly explained, so the author might have decided to keep it simple without detailed analysis.

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