My Autobiography: My Most Memorable Day #together

As far as I remember, the day I got my Tenth Standard board exam results has been the most memorable day in my life, until now. Not that I value it as much as I remember it in the frenzy of those youthful days, but if I have to pick one memorable day in my life it will be that day.

In most middle class families, especially in Chennai, there is no achievement bigger than academic achievement. At that age, although it feels strange now, I too believed in that *all encompassing* mantra – Academic Excellence.

To add to my convictions, I studied in a school where 38 out of 40 students would score above 80%. The remaining two will not be far behind! So there was always this fierce competition among ourselves, especially during the Board Exam years.

Even before Tenth Standard, I always took academics seriously. Although I had never got a first rank (except once in UKG!), I was mostly one among the Top 10 ranks. This might surprise some of my friends who know me from later on!

I started studying the tenth standard syllabus right from the ninth standard annual holidays. In the first mid-term exam, I got the fourth rank in my class and I got the highest marks in both science and maths, my focus subjects for the year.

I missed Centum in maths by one mark, that too because of a simple addition mistake. Just imagine: Getting 100% in maths was my dream from a very young age. Unlike others, I was not upset at missing it, but was actually happy that I was able to get so close.

I think my rank dropped a bit in the subsequent exams and even touched 14 in one of the revision exams, but I was inspired enough and backed it with solid preparation. I remember we were shifting to a new house during my board exam study holidays, but I was sent to my grandmothers home so that my studies will not be disrupted! Actually, I had finished studying everything by then, and only had to revise, but still . . .

And then came the board exams. We had to (for the first time) go to a different school and write the exam there. All the exams went as per expectations, but maths, my favorite exam, threw up a shocker of a question paper! I mean, when you are going into an examination hoping to get a Centum, and you don’t even understand a few questions, just think how you’d feel!Β Fortunately, the tough question paper was compensated by lenient correction.

Then came holidays and I read most of the Michael Creighton, Sidney Sheldon and Jeffery Archers books during that time. And then came the day of the *much anticipated* results. They had struck all our marks on the notice board and I hurried to the school once I got to know about it.

Guess what, I was second in my class and fourth in my school! Not even in my dreams did I expect such a result!! The euphoria that I experienced then remains unmatched until today. Of course, all my friends and family were congratulating me left, right, and center (#together), and I was in the limelight as the first rank holder didn’t come on that day and no one expected me to finish second!

Little did I know that these results were the lull before a great storm. And those stormy moments will teach me much more than these happier moments. But all that for later.

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Destination Infinity


  • SG

    I can imagine the happiness you and your family felt on your achievement. I am glad you still remember that day. Personally, I never gave importance to academic excellence. My philosophy during my high school and college days was (may be wrongly) if you travel in the first compartment or in the last compartment, the train reaches the destination at the same time for all the passengers.

  • KP

    It is nice to know that you worked hard to be in the top rungs of the class in your school days.I have found that most diligent students succeed in life by getting good education and nice jobs.That possibly explains the youngsters’ craze to excel in studies in schools in the present day competitive world.

  • Sandhya Kumar

    We didn’t give so much importance to board exams in those days. Now, even 98% was ordinary marks. I can imagine how you would have felt when you saw the results.

    Nowadays, the schools start coaching for the board exams from 9th itself. It continues till 12th. I feel sorry for the children.

    • Rajesh K

      I don’t think there is anything to feel sorry for, especially when the children have to face much more once they grow up. School is just a trailer! Movie tho bakhi hain! Of course, there are benefits of working hard and diligent/disciplined/competitive upbringing – it might make it easier for children to handle stressful situations later on.

      Destination Infinity

  • Manogna

    We had similar situation in school…of all the consistent performers in my class, the most under rated person became the school topper(came 1st) and surprised the whole school!
    I am yet to understand how she did it!

    • Rajesh K

      In our twelfth standard, my Sanskrit teacher picked four students, one of whom he thought would top the board exams. Surprisingly, another guy, whom no one expected – did. Just like in your case πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

  • Ashwini CN

    We were all constantly told about how academic achievements are the real achievements back then. Happy that the trend is changing now.

    Looks like you were a very sincere student way back then πŸ˜€

  • Bikram

    WOWOW DI..

    when my 10th class results came I was in chandigarh , i studied in a different city so i had to call school to ask .. “Have i passed”- the voice on other side say YESSSSSSSsssss πŸ™‚ and that’s it

    I got nothing ot boast about sadly …


  • Nandhini

    //the first rank holder didn’t come on that day//

    That was a LOL!!!

    Yes, it used to be a kind of life-deciding moment in our days! All Tv news channels would telecast the state toppers and their families exchanging sweets…….ha!

    I am surprised the keen memory that you still hold about the events that happened years before. Must be that dear to you then.

    The previous comment accidentally got posted half way πŸ™

    • Rajesh K

      What I didn’t say in the post will make you go even more LOL. The difference in marks between me and the first rank holder was around 30 marks, that too in a 500 marks (total) exam paper!!

      Destination Infinity

  • Locomente

    Ah! The famous 10th std days… And the tension of 1st Board exams…
    Glad that you scored so well…
    I started taking studies so seriously only after my 10th πŸ˜›

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