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‘I’ Tamil Movie Review

I think I need to blame myself for watching this movie without reading a review or asking anyone’s opinion. But kudos to the Director (Shankar) for making me sit in the theater for 3 hours to watch a movie that has such a simple (shall we say, almost non-existent) storyline!

Only if the director had given at least 1% of the importance that he gave for every other technical aspect, to the main story, this movie might have been better. Simply making a grand movie spending crores, bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger for audio release, and other such gimmicks cannot compensate for the basic flaw in the foundation (lack of story).

I don’t even want to get into the cardboard characters, et. all. But I want to mention that the ‘feel’ this movie gives by disfiguring people’s bodies can be, at the least, termed ghastly. (‘Not in good taste’ might have been better term, but it’s too sweet.) I go to a movie theater to relax and unwind, that too on a Sunday morning, and I don’t want to see all horror-like stuff!

If you are a person who loves horror/ghastly images/gory things happening to people, etc. (or) if you love to see a high budget movie with a lot of technical improvisations, you can disregard this review and happily see the movie. This movie might also appeal to the fans of Director Bala, I guess 🙂

But I should mention that this movie left me in bad taste. On the top of it there was no credible storyline, which is the primary thing I look for in a movie. This is only my verdict, and I accept that others might feel differently. This song, thankfully, was like an oasis in a dry desert 🙂

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