To Walk or Take a Bus?

That was my dilemma during my recent Hyderabad trip – To walk or take a bus? Actually, the house I was staying in was not far enough to take a bus, and was not close enough to walk, from the Secunderabad Railway station. I ate a heavy lunch at Chutneys and came to the Secunderabad junction. I wanted to walk back home.

So I spotted two people who were looking polite and well dressed, and asked them: “Sir, do you know which way I need to walk to go to East Marredpally?”

One person lifted his hands for showing the way, but retreated immediately. “Are you going to walk all the distance?” he asked, looking at me with a shocked expression.

“Yes,” I said, “Actually I’ve had a heavy meal and feel like taking a long walk. Might help with digestion too, you know.”

“Your food will get digested alright, but you will ALSO FAINT. DON’T BE A KANJOOS – take the bus,” he ordered. I protested saying I wanted to walk. After two minutes of discussion we came to an amicable conclusion that I will walk until the next bus stop, and then take a bus from there. All of us were happy and we parted amicably. He also showed me how to go to the next ‘Plaza’ bus stop.

I went there and found two more decent looking gentlemen standing there. I promptly went and asked them which bus will take me to East Marredpally.

They were astounded. “What? Why do you want to take a bus to go to East Marredpally? If you go by this way, you’ll reach West Marredpally. Take a right and you’ll get East Marredpally. DON’T BE SO LAZY – just walk.”

Hmm… Looks like it doesn’t matter whether I take the bus or walk. To them, I am ALWAYS WRONG 😛 🙂 😛

Destination Infinity

PS: This is an actual incident, not fiction!

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