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Guddu Rangeela Hindi Movie Review

There was a time in ’00s when I thought Bollywood was at least 10-20 years ahead of Tamil/Telugu movies. But with movies like Dabangg (few years back) and Guddu Rangeela (now), I guess Bollywood has proved that they can also make movies with ’80-’90s flavor and fervor.

I am not saying this movie is bad. I am saying this movie is targeted towards a different audience that likes the revenge-fight-dance movies of the yesteryear. Minus the dance, for Guddu Rangeela. But if you liked Dabangg, you might like this one too.

Gist: Guddu and Rangeela are two small-time criminals. But a new Inspector comes to their area and demands 10 Lakhs to withdraw the cases against them. They, helped by a friend, decide to kidnap a girl (heroine) who turns out to be the very person who masterminded the kidnap! What does she want from them? How do all them collude to take revenge against a powerful MLA? That’s the story.

The story is OK. Some twists were unexpected and even good. The twist in the beginning where the heroine escapes from the kidnapper-duo (Heroes) only to be found in the same place from where they lose her set some expectations on her capabilities. But for some reason her role was diminished from there on.

There were some funny moments here and there, but these were not fitting the mood set by the movie, which is predominantly serious. The Heroine ‘falling’ for one of the Heroes is rushed, but who knows, there might be some real life stories that are even more rushed than that!

The biggest disadvantage of this movie from my point of view is the lack of realism, especially in the fighting scenes. The climax was particularly unrealistic. But then, no fighting scene can be realistic, and if you remember the old movies they were there to entertain the audience, not to give them a dose of realism!

Among the plus points, the movie is a decent entertainer. The story was fine. The characterization of the police was interesting. The action of the villain was very good.  I did feel the ‘terror’ whenever he came to the screen. Good selection.

I guess in the end it all depends on what you want. If you want to watch a movie with ’80-’90s touch, this movie is not all that bad. But if you are expecting to see a different movie that is refreshingly fresh (like Ishquia), Guddu Rangeela may not be for you.

You decide. I didn’t like the movie because my expectations were different.

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