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Baahubali Review: Violence & Sound *Thoda* Zyaada!!

Baahubali is a Tri-lingual movie released in Telugu, Tamil & Hindi, today. I watched this movie (Telugu version) at Rakki Cinemas, Chennai. Assuming that the Telugu and the Tamil versions are the same, I don’t think this movie will be a Super-Hit in Tamil Nadu. People might still like all the Fantasy, Sound, and Violence which is all there is to this supposedly Historical Fiction movie, but I didn’t like it. Perhaps it’s due to my individual taste/preference.

But the experience of watching the movie with so much crowd all shouting at the top of their voice is, I must agree, incredible! This kinda crowd/enthusiasm was there earlier for Rajnikanth movies in TN, but even Kochadiyan that had a much better story than this movie and had Rajnikanth in the lead, didn’t do that well in TN.

The movie started well. I loved the huge waterfalls amidst the scenic mountains. Wonder where it is . . . πŸ˜‰ The movie makers did get the fantasy right at this part. The fight and the following scenes involving Tamannah (Heroine) was also fine. And yeah, the settings and art-direction is very good. They have created the historical world quite well.

But once Prabhas (Hero) takes up the responsibility of getting back his mother who has been chained for many years in the enemy kingdom, there is too much horoism, too much sound, and too much violence.Β I mean, I didn’t exactly expect the movie to be realistic (nowadays simple and realistic movies are doing very well in Chennai), but things should at least be believable?

The flashback and the war was too ghastly for my taste. I mean, if you like horror or if you like war movies where they show some 1000 people getting killed one after another, you might still like this movie. But that’s not my cup of tea! However, my biggest gripe is: there is no resolution/end to this movie. I knew this was Part I and all that, but they could have at least given a temporary resolution in order to make this movie feel complete?

How can a movie end while the flashback is still going on is beyond me!!

I guess this movie will become a Hit in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as it is the home region. I am not sure about Tamil Nadu. I, for one, surely won’t watch the Part II of this movie.

All said, if you want to relive your college days, or if you are still in college, you might definitely want to go watch this movie in the Theater for all the noise (both on-screen and by people around you). The atmosphere was electric — even I wanted to shout and whistle during a few moments in the first half πŸ™‚

Destination Infinity

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  • Madhavi

    Nice review. Whether the movie makes great sense or not, people will surely watch it at least for the hype that they created about SSR.

    I am surely going to watch it.

  • Sandhya Kumar

    Too much publicity for this movie…but the title of the movie itself is strange for Tamil audience. Good review, though. I will forget this movie…I didn’t give much importance to it from the beginning…as you say, we are getting very good Tamil movies, nowadays.

  • Jeevan

    The movie sounds terrific! I think one can watch the movie for its grandeur and settings… but doesn’t seem my kind of movie. I am also not interested checking it even if it is telecasted in TV later. On the waterfalls, I don’t think it’s quite natural but doubt graphics can be added.

    • Rajesh K

      Yes, the grandeur and settings are a definite plus of this movies. Very few people even think of making such movies. I just wish the movie had a stronger script and less reliance on things like extra sound, extra heroism, extra punch, etc.

      Destination Infinity

  • Srikanth yvvnn

    Dude Rajesh, your review is so wrong and sounds racist.
    What do u mean by its violence will be liked by telugu ppl and wont be liked by tamil ppl?

    Have u seen all the tamil movies? There is sooo much violence than telugu movies. And telugu ppl didnt like it, but tamil ppl loved it.

    So dont start judging all the ppl based on movies.

    • Rajesh K

      I guess I should take back my statement I wrote in the 4th and 5th lines of the first paragraph. Reading it again, the wording seems written in a hurry, and feels wrong/incorrect to me. I will remove it.

      The actual reason why I said the movie will be a hit in AP/Telengana is: Since the movie makers are from there and the actors are also mostly from there, the audience might like it for the star-value and for the past (good) movies the director might have directed. Also, that region being the home region, there will be more focus on marketing and promotion which will enthuse more people to watch the movie and more people will like it.

      But otherwise, I agree that movies like this get made in every language, especially both in Tamil and Telugu. I also agree that it is not in my taste to watch movies that have a lot of violence for the sake of violence. That might have also contributed to this negative review.

      Finally, there is no need to get emotional about someone’s opinion. If you (or anyone else) liked the movie, I will accept it gracefully and will respect your opinion. But the fact that I didn’t like it, remains as such. My wording might have been somewhat off, but it is definitely not ‘racist’.

      Destination Infinity

  • Alok Singhal

    While reading it felt like a B-grade movie where people would shout because they either like the actress or are getting bored (and just enjoying the atmosphere). Lol!

    I can only understand Hindi from above options, but even then i would not like to watch this…how can they end it when flashback is still on.

    • Rajesh K

      I want a good story in a movie, not formula-based entertainment. That was my primary issue with this movie. But there maybe many who still like that, esp. youth and people who think they are youth. I can’t object to that.

      Destination Infinity

  • sm

    detailed good review
    I do not think your review is racist as mentioned by others in comments.
    In India people really do not understand the meaning of Racism that is the problem.

    • Rajesh K

      Probably he meant I was ‘generalizing’ a group of people, which I was, in the earlier review. Now I have edited it slightly so you may not notice it.

      Destination Infinity

  • Locomente

    Well… I can visibly see that you didnt like the film… Did you know? The movie is dubbed in Malayalam too? People might not liek Kochadaiyan cz expectation from the superstar is something different – fans would him see in real… But movies like these(includes Arundhathi, Eega and Magadheera) everyone would like and enjoy the visual effects.. At the end of the day, thats all matters!

    • Rajesh K

      I am not against visual effects. But movie makers should not use that as an excuse for not having a proper story. The story of this movie, in my opinion, in sub-par.

      There is one more thing: It maybe “exciting” to go farther and farther away from the truth, but after an age, we become bored of all the lies fed on us and yearn for some truth.

      I expect realistic historical fiction, but perhaps the younger generation expects fantasy. So I guess I should have said — I didn’t like this movie based on my expectations, tastes and stage of life.

      Destination Infinity

  • BG Sreedhhar

    Bahubali – I watched the movie with great expectations and for the hype created.But frankly,i liked the movie(Tamil version).It is an power house of art work,set creation,and the vision of the script writer and for the ingenuity of SSR.
    People,i dont know why,start comparing this to an hollywood movie.Both are different and to be viewed differently.
    And i am happy that the investment by the producers have not gone waste,i would have felt terrible,if they had undergone loss.
    May it reach the 500 crore club soon.
    BG Sreedhhar

    • Rajesh K

      Visual effects alone don’t make a movie, although it can enhance a movie very much. I guess the team has done a great work in that department, but they could have focused more on getting a proper story and not tried to “capture” our attention using over-sound, over-heroism, over-violence, etc.

      Destination Infinity

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