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Book Reading Event: A Minute to Death by Ganga Bharani


So yesterday (Sat, Aug. 08) I went to the book reading event organized by quickly-becoming-famous author Ganga Bharani, for her second book – A Minute to Death. The event was held at Zha Cafe, Porur. Since I was joined by blogger friends and made some new friends, the evening was super-fun πŸ™‚

Here is Ganga’s A Minute to Death book. It’s a thriller/crime fiction with a touch of romance. I went 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start thanks to Salesh Fernando, whom I went with — I thought would he come late, but he was bang on time. I hate going on time to any event πŸ˜›


Here is the author reading the first two chapters of her book. You can see the audience sitting with rapt attention. I requested the author to read the climax also, but she refused πŸ˜› Looks like I’ll have to read the climax myself before reading the story, a habit I have in common with the ‘Editor’ Nandhita. Wondering: Does anyone else do this? πŸ™‚


Here is what the author wrote for me while autographing the book πŸ™‚ It was great meeting blogger and would-be-author friends Sulaiman, Mahesh, Bragadeesh Prasanna, Salesh, Kavipriya. It was also good to meet Ganga’s husband Rajan, who had to fight for his right to speak πŸ˜› We all spoke about ourselves, our books, what we’ll do if we have only one minute to die (mine was sleep), etc. Pavitra sang a bit of ‘Munbe va…’ song — she has excellent voice! Ganga’s father is a Tamil orator it seems, and he too spoke for a short time.


Here is a unique selfie of Ayyanar with GB’s book πŸ˜› It was a great weekend enjoyably spent in the company of ‘literary-minded’ people πŸ™‚ Hope to attend more events like this in the future.

If you like, you can buy ‘A Minute to Death’ by Ganga Bharani from

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  • Jeevan

    I won’t read the climax, first, because I fear of losing interest. Good to see u all having fun time sharing your experience of books. All the best to all πŸ™‚

    • Rajesh K

      Actually, I used read the last page, not the entire climax. That’s because I wanted to know if the protagonist would live through all the adversities he’s put throughout the thriller! πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

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