Adyar Park/Tholkappiya Poonga: Chennai’s Nature Retreat!


Adyar Park/Tholkappiya Poonga is an excellent escapade from the concrete jungle to a natural jungle, right within Chennai city. Main gate is on Greenways road, nearer to Adyar/Elphinstone bridge.  Visitors need to assemble at 2:30 P.M on Tuesdays or Thursdays and a batch of 20 people will be taken on a guided tour. You need to pre-book their tickets from the park website after checking availability. Entry ticket: Rs. 20/-, Car parking: Rs. 20/-, Camera: Rs. 50/-. 

This park has been constructed over 50-acres after clearing a waste dump that used to exist here, as per high court order. They are expanding the park to another 300-acres, shortly. It seems a team from Auroville near Pondy was the consultant for this project and they also executed it. Now the Govt. is trying to clean up the major rivers within Chennai – Adyar river and Cooum river — let’s hope this will be completed soon and people will maintain it properly in the future. The city needs water bodies and greenery badly!

What you can find at Adyar/Tholkappiya Poonga: Lot of plants, trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles, statues, artwork, huts, etc. There is a pathway to walk around the park and I loved visiting this calm and serene place. I am sure you will too. Here are some photos I took during a recent Butterfly walk in Adyar Poonga/Tholkappiya park. (Click the link to see the butterflies.)











Adyar Park/Tholkappiya Poonga Website: Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust.

Destination Infinity

Photos: By Destination8infinity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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9 thoughts on “Adyar Park/Tholkappiya Poonga: Chennai’s Nature Retreat!

  1. Wow! Absolutely wonderful recreation has done there… the place looks quite natural and welcomes to explore. Wish I visit this park and hope the environment was wheelchair friendly.

    Beautiful photos Rajesh

  2. You keep coming up with new spots to visit in Chennai itself!
    I now know why people say , first visit the whole of India and then talk about going abroad! Sounds true. So many places worth visiting.

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