8 Things you Ought to do Now on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network useful not only for job seekers/providers, but also for entrepreneurs looking for/looking to provide services. Basically, for everyone. So take a few minutes to optimize your LinkedIn profile and help others find you easier.

Here are some things you Ought to do Now to Optimize your LinkedIn profile: (This is In addition to the basic details you might have already provided.)

Before you do any of the below, you might want to go to ‘Privacy and Settings’ — which will appear when you hover your mouse over your photo on the right-hand top corner — and click on ‘Privacy and Settings’. There, under ‘Profile’, turn off your activity broadcasts. Why should everyone in your network see each and every change you make to your profile? Next,

  1. Click ‘Improve your profile’ under your name and photo in ‘home’. Add a ‘Summary’. Of your expertise and work experience. Many people might have left this blank (me included) but it’s an important parameter that will help people find you easier. Also add your email address in it, as contact details are visible only to your connections.
  2. Below the summary section, you’ll find ‘Skills’. Delete unrelated skills and add related ones.
  3. You can follow updates by companies, and also by people who may not be connected to you. When you visit someone’s profile, click on the down arrow next to ‘Send xxxx an InMail’ and select ‘Follow’.
  4. Customize what should appear on your public profile — this is what someone searching (but not connected) will be able to see. Under ‘Privacy and Settings’, select ‘Profile’ and then select ‘Edit my public profile’. On the right hand side, select ‘Make my profile visible to everyone’ and then tick all the sections you want people and search engines to see.
  5. Under ‘Privacy and Settings’ > ‘Profile’, hide ‘Viewers of this profile also viewed’ box. Why give a prospective customer or employer additional leads, yourself?
  6. To set how frequently you receive emails for your group activities, Hover your mouse on your photo on top-right corner, go to: ‘Privacy & Settings’ > ‘Groups, Companies and Applications’ > ‘Set the frequency of group digest emails’. You can do this for each group. Useful if you want to avoid unrelated mails to your email inbox. Of course, you can search for and join groups. Click the down arrow on the left-hand side of the main search box and select ‘Groups’. Now search for keywords relevant to your field of interest and you’ll get a list of groups. Then join a few.
  7. For additional login security, you can turn on ‘Two factor authentication’. You can find this under ‘Privacy and Settings’ > ‘Account’ > ‘Manage security settings’. Then, you’ll have to enter your password and OTP code (you will receive on your mobile) to login.
  8. Identify your Public profile URL and share it with your contacts/email/social media. You can get it in the same page you edit public profile details as mentioned in Step 4.

Destination Infinity

These were a few points mentioned to us during a recent workshop on ‘LinkedIn Secrets’ by GLOBALedge Management Services in Chennai, India. If you are in Chennai, you might want to have a look at their training programs provided under ‘Chennai Learners Club’ from the above link.

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