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Thani Oruvan: 10 Things I Didn’t Like about this Movie


Since countless number of people have written great reviews about this movie before me, I want my review to be different — that’s why this attempt to write about what I didn’t like about this Tamil *super hit* movie: Thani Oruvan.

Disclaimer: Of course this is a very good movie and I liked it very much. But there were some issues that need to be highlighted: ***Spoilers ahead*** 

  1. The first half was good, not many inconsistencies there. But just before the interval, the policeman not double checking if Jayam Ravi was killed along with Angelina was a glitch. He should have.
  2. For all the power Aravind Swamy is shown to wield, the assassination attempt on Nayanthara (thinking she was Angelina) on the road is very weak.
  3. In the hospital, when the doctor insists that he needs to do one more surgery, even the audience is able to guess that he was going to insert something to track him or he was going to kill him. Why would a police inspector not guess it?
  4. The device that was inserted doesn’t need any battery/power to work?
  5. Aravind Swamy listening to Jayam Ravi’s conversations himself, non-stop – 24 hours is difficult to believe, especially since he is supposed to be ‘controlling’ so many businesses. Obviously he should have had lot of other work?
  6. How does Jayam Ravi guess that if he doesn’t propose to Nayantara, Aravind Swamy will not kill her (and Aravind Swamy’s lover)?
  7. While Jayam Ravi’s obsession to kill Aravind Swamy was convincingly conveyed, Aravind Swamy’s reasons for not killing Jayam Ravi, was not.
  8. Aravind Swamy, for the powerful clout he commanded, could have employed multiple assassins and killed Jayam Ravi before he became such a big threat. Why didn’t he do it, and why did he depend only on one set of rowdies?
  9. The sudden change of mind by Aravind Swamy’s lover which leads her shooting him in the end, is not very believable. Especially since she had so much to lose by doing that.
  10. Aravind Swamy giving away the evidence to Jayam Ravi in the end, not for the country but for his adversary, was not believable.

The first half of the movie was a winner. But the second half was not convincing enough, mainly because Aravind Swamy, although his characterization and mannerisms were shown very well, they were not converted into solid action. An antagonist of that caliber was capable of doing more. He could have been badder, and done badder things.

Otherwise it’s a very different attempt with a strong script and good direction. Hope to see more movies with substance, like this, in Tamil 🙂

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