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Kirumi Movie Review ~ நீ உன்னை காக்க பணிந்தால் தவறில்லை

Kirumi Tamil Movie Trailer:


Kirumi is a Tamil movie directed by Anucharan starring Kathir and Reshmi Menon. I saw this movie first day first show @ Sri Ganga Cinemas, Kolathur, today.

Theme: நீ உன்னை காக்க பணிந்தால் தவறில்லை.

Movie review: Realistic crime drama with normal people, and that makes it a bit uninspiring.

பட விமரிசனம்: உண்மைய சொலிருக்காங்க, ஆனா இன்னும் சுவாரசியமா சொல்லிருக்கலாம்.

I like movies that tell the truth. This is one such movie. In spite of being a crime drama, nothing is exaggerated. People and the way they handle situations are normal. While that adds to the realism of the movie, lack of characters that do something extraordinary makes the movie uninspiring.

Story is quite believable and the screenplay is tight. Cinematography and music is good. The biggest loophole is: We get to see only Kathir’s side of the story and not the Inspector’s side. I think for the story to have been more effective, they could have showed both sides. Maybe that’s why I felt a void while the movie ended. I wanted to know what actually happened on the other end.

Kathir is a normal youth living in North Madras. Charlie, I guess a relative of Kathir, is a police informer and he introduces Kathir to the Inspector, who appoints him ‘unofficially’ as police helper/informer. Kathir was earlier slapped by a bar owner, and taking advantage of his current position, he informs to the inspector about the illegal gambling racket going on in that bar.

But the bar is in an area under the control of a different inspector. These two inspectors are shown to be rivals, hence the bar is raided and 25 Lakhs cash seized. Immediately after this, rowdies attack Kathir and Charlie, and they kill Charlie. What happens to Kathir, will he also be eventually killed, or will he avenge his killers?

The story is good. I found the end a bit jarring and incomplete, and I am sure many will too, but that’s an appropriate ending to reinforce the theme. I am not a big fan of cinemas giving “messages” but that happens quite frequently in Tamil cinemas, so I don’t want to get there now. But the advise/message given was right, whether it left the viewers in a bad taste or not.

My guess on the inspector’s side story: Both the inspectors were hand-in-glove and they raided the bar to cross-check the amount of cash transactions happening there, in order to increase the bribe amount. Kathir and Charlie were just pawns in this game. Once they were perceived as a threat, the Inspectors arranged to kill them, although they were helping the inspector.

I wish the movie makers had told the full story.

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