Facebook Friends Adding us to Groups Automatically: Why Allow this?

Facebook has a strange policy of allowing our Facebook friends to add us to groups automatically, without even taking our approval. Don’t you think it’s high time Facebook stops allowing this automatic process and makes user approval mandatory before being made to join a group?

Recently, one of my friends kept adding me to a group, in spite of me leaving the group. So I went into the settings and saw what options I had to stop this. I didn’t want anyone to add me to FB groups automatically, but unfortunately FB doesn’t give a setting to make this possible. People are allowed to add any of their friends to any groups they want.

I found one solution: If I leave the group from the group’s page, there are no further options. But when I leave the group from the list of groups (that can be accessed by clicking on ‘Groups’ on the left sidebar), there is an option to leave the group and block anyone from adding us to that group in the future. I was glad that there is a way to stop people from adding me to a particular group, repeatedly.

There is another setting that allows us to block a user from sending app, event and page invites [Settings > Block], but there is no option from stopping them from sending us group invites. I think Facebook should add this feature.

Facebook should also give us the option to approve or reject joining any group that we are added automatically, before we become a part of the group. Many people seem to want this feature all over Facebook’s support forum, but the company — for some strange reason — is not enabling it.

Facebook, high time you look into this. Please.

Destination Infinity