My Favorite City for Living: Coimbatore [CBE]

My favorite city: Coimbatore [CBE]. Did you expect me to say Chennai, where I live? Or Bangalore, where I used to live? NO WAY. Hopeless traffic and long commute times take large cities out of my radar. And the cost of living: forget owning a house, even paying rent in large cities for a tiny house without open space/garden, is a large pain.

There is a charm with living in small towns and cities. You’ll understand when you live in one. Of course, if you hate large cities, like me, it’s even better.

When I returned to Chennai after living in Bangalore and Coimbatore, I realized my favorite city for living is Coimbatore. Make no mistake – I didn’t say working. Bangalore has the best work culture among the three. I said living. Living in a house in a city, without having to work in that city. My profession enables me to do that.

Coimbatore is unique in many ways. It’s neither a big city, nor a small one. It has the best of both worlds.

Drive? Traveling from one corner of the city to another takes less than an hour. Heck, I even used to drive to nearby towns – Tiruppur, Pollachi & Palakkad within an hour. I was initially nervous when people in CBE were talking about how ‘peak’ traffic was ‘exasperating’. But while on the road, I realized they had no clue what peak traffic was. They should try driving in Bangalore for a day!

Hotel food, and even food in small messes and bakeries, is tasty & excellent. Although I would give the crown of the best(est) food to Madurai, Coimbatore is not far behind. While I hated eating out in Bangalore, I loved eating out in CBE 😀

Coimbatore is a gift for travelers. A certified lazy person who used to love to sleep or read or browse on the weekends (me) suddenly started traveling. I now feel I should have traveled even more 🙁 Ooty, Kunoor, Valparai, Annamalai mountain range, Pala-malai . . . these are a partial list of just the hill stations around CBE. There are many more tourist attractions in/around Coimbatore.

Connectivity? Roads are wide and smooth, for a change. The city has four bus stands for outstation travelers, in four directions. It has a neat and a busy railway station. And an airport which it shares with its neighboring twin-city Palakkad – another heaven! 🙂

Climate? Not as hot as Chennai and not as cold as Bangalore. Just the right weather you’d dream of having in a city. The city is green, and the surroundings are greener. The Siruvani water is tasty, Tea from Ooty is fresh, CODISSIA exhibition halls are awesome.

CBE is the place to BE.

So what’s your favorite city for living?

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