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Chennai Express Movie Review: Super Fun!

Chennai Express Bollywood Movie Trailer:

Chennai Express is a bollywood movie starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. It is directed by Rohit Shetty and the music is by Vishal-Shekar.

Movie Review: I think this movie is SUPER FUN.

Yeah, this movie has huge lapses in logic and sequences. The director & script writer introduce too many unbelievable events to get their story moving in the direction they want to. Most of them are unrealistic and some even jaw-droppingly so.

But the humor works (at least for me). The dialogues are cool. Shah Rukh’s characterization is good and so is his sense of humor. Deepika — though her Hindi is vague — is simply cute and awesome, both with dialogues and action. Like inย Om Shanti Om, this pair has worked magic in Chennai Express also, me thinks.

If you want to watch a “realistic” “art” movie, this film is obviously not your cup of tea. But if you want to get entertained, jump into the train ๐Ÿ™‚

To me, the biggest surprise was how well the team handled the emotional situations in the end. In a comedy movie, the director generally messes up with this, or there are no emotions at all. But in this one, I must compliment Rohit Shetty for having handled the emotional part (near the end) quite well.

The music is very good. The Lungi Dance, being so peppy and fast,ย is obviously a super-hit, but the melodious Classical Tamil-Hindi mixed song (Titli) is also too good. Here it is –

The settings are too grandiose for a South Indian village, but they are a visual treat nevertheless. I just wish the situations and conflicts were more realistic, but had they done that, the movie would be less entertaining. So I am fine with the movie as it is ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not sure why this movie got so many bad reviews back when it was released – I would have watched it in the theater, if not for those reviews. Irrespective, I enjoyed this movie now and would recommend it for others.

Hint: If you want to get the maximum out of this movie, don’t take life too seriously (at least while watching it) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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