Where are Law Colleges and Courtroom Scenes in Bollywood Nowadays?

There was a time in the past, before a few decades, when many Bollywood/Hindi movies prominently featured scenes in Indian Law colleges and Courtrooms. Entire movies were set in Law Colleges in DelhiΒ and Courtrooms in Mumbai.

I wonder then, what happened to such movies nowadays? Have the law colleges and courts disappeared? No. Have courtrooms disappeared? No. Are there fewer number of cases or lawyers nowadays? No.

Then why did Bollywood drop its fascination for lawyers and legal thrillers? I know it’s a difficult question to answer as no one knows when something gets out of vogue and when something else catches the fancy of people.

Lawyers are always in demand and theirs is one of the best-paid careers. Many laws and activities that affect the masses are brought about by lawyers, and some of them go on to become politicians, bureaucrats, and other top-level officials.

I am sure there is no dearth of interesting cases to base a movie upon. There is so much drama and perhaps even action, inside and outside courtrooms that each case can potentially become a Bollywood movie!

Then why are Bollywood directors no longer interested in making movies that revolves around lawyers, any longer? Perhaps other professions have become more glamorous, or perhaps the movie standards have come down?

Movie makers no longer seem to be worried about minuscule things like good story, etc. Maybe they are happy with giant sets, latest technology, big stars, and huge marketing glitz?

There are some good TV shows based on real cases. It’s good to know that at least TV is still interested in showing police procedural/legal mysteries and thrillers. I am sure there are good books being written on this genre, both in Hindi and in regional languages.

I think it’s time for Bollywood to reengage with its one time crush. People will definitely fall in love with stories that feature lawyers and their efforts in solving important cases. At the end of the day, mystery and justice is what we all want. And we ought to realize it through the lens of the movie-world as well, in order to inspire more bright minds to enter into the legal profession. One can certainly hope πŸ™‚

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