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Book on Aarushi Murder: 2008 Noida Double Murder Case


The 2008 Noida double murder case  investigating the murder of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj became a national sensation with the media giving it full attention. In a way, it was even considered trial by media!

Avirook Sen (center – above photograph) has authored a book on this case: ‘Aarushi‘. The author was in discussion with Tanveer Ahmed Mir (Defense lawyer for this case) and Geeta Ramaseshan at the Hindu Lit for Life 2016 @ Chennai. Here are some quotes I gathered from there.

“Can the Talwars be convicted based on what (quality of evidence that) was presented in court? No.”

“Talwars first faced a trial on public opinion. And they lost.”

“Evidence becomes relevant when rationality is suspended.”

If you want to learn more details about this case, and about how things are conducted in session courts in India, and about how the legal & law-enforcement systems work here, you might want to check the book out!

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