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Sharan Apparao & Chitra Madhavan on Cultural Restoration

At the recent Hindu Lit for Life 2016, Sharan Apparao and Chitra Madhavan spoke about the importance of cultural restoration, and more importantly cultural preservation.

All around us, especially in India, we are filled with cultural symbols and heritage monuments. They told us that Temples are not just religious institutions, but are also heritage monuments.

But the state of these monuments today is, we either destroy these symbols – knowingly or unknowingly – or we are plain ignorant of their importance.

Even in well known historical Temples/monuments which are recognized by ASI and other Govt. institutions, people routinely destroy paintings, inscriptions and sculptures by carrying out renovation works without proper guidance on how to do them. Of course there are some insensitive public members who scribble on the walls, etc.

What can be done about it? The speakers felt that sensitizing children early, while they are still in school, should be effective. It has been done in other cultures, and hence it should be possible to do that in India also.

Let’s hope people will first become aware of the cultural destruction happening all around them. Then we can hope that they will do something to start sensitizing others about the issue.

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