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The Hindu (Literary) Prize 2016 Goes to… Easterine Kire

The Hindu Prize 2016 Winner - Easterine Kire

The Hindu (Literary) Prize 2016 was announced on the second day of the Hindu Lit for Life event. And it went to Easterine Kire for her book When the River Sleeps.

Short Excerpt: It’s a novel set in Nagaland, North Eastern India, where the author takes the reader on the journey of the protagonist to find the river of his dreams that will give him untold power. But he must first overcome spirits, sorceresses, demons and even armed men in his path!

The organizers had shortlisted 6 books from over 60 submissions. Three authors of those six books, including the winner, were present at the awards ceremony today. Here are the other shortlisted authors who read a few lines from their books:

Siddharth Chowdary, for his book The Patna Manual of Style: Stories

The Hindu Lit for Life - The Hindu Literary Prize 2016

Janice Pariat, for her book Seahorse

The Hindu Literary (fiction) Prize 2016 - Shortlisted authors

The other shortlisted authors (who couldn’t make it to the event), and their books, were:

Here is the prize winner Easterine Kire signing books for readers just after the awards ceremony,

The Hindu Lit for life fiction books prize winner

Destination Infinity

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