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Irudhi Suttru Tamil Movie Review: Good, but Predictable

*Irudhi Suttru* (இறுதி சுற்று) Tamil Movie Reivew: Good & inspiring, but predictable. The makers could’ve included a few surprises and unexpected twists.  You can see it once. The lead characters are memorable & kickass – you’ll want to see it again for their acting 🙂

Irudhi Suttru is a Tamil movie released today – Fri, Jan. 29, 2016 (also released in Hindi as Saala Khadoos) that not only breaks stereotypes, but also tells a little truth – for a change. Good to see Tamil cinema taking interesting steps into uncharted territory – I also saw a trailer for the first Tamil zombie movie starring Jayam Ravi!

Madhavan is as usual, awesome. His action and the efforts he has put for bringing his character alive, is excellent. When you see him, you know he is THE COACH and he MEANS BUSINESS. Is it only me, or do others also think Ritika Singh resembles younger Ranjitha? Irrespective, she is the STAR of this movie. What an action – she is appropriate for the role even when she overacts! The music is also good.

I like the fact that the movie makers have chosen to say what’s actually (partially at least) happening in Indian sports scene. They have shown no reservation about portrayal of characters (somewhat) truthfully.

One issue with this movie is its predictability. I wish the movie had broken stereotypes in this department as well. Not only this movie, but in all sports movies protagonist always wins in the end! Fortunately, I didn’t write the screenplay – I would’ve ensured the protagonist loses just because it’s unexpected 😉 So there is not much scope for suspense.

Frankly, Chak De and Mary Kom were better movies in this genre. But Irudhi Suttru is also a decent movie that will be remembered more for the action and spirit of the lead characters, and for the breaking of stereotypes. And yes, the two lead characters, in spite of being a man and a woman, don’t get married or romance – another change.

I love this dialog:

“உனக்கு என்ன வேணும் மாஸ்டர்?”


“அவ்வுளவு தானே?”

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