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#FlipkartOutdoors blogger Meet @ MangoMist resorts, Bangalore

So last Saturday (20th Feb. 2016), I went to MangoMist resorts in Bangalore to attend the #FlipkartOutdoors indiBlogger meet. The entire day was filled with informative and fun activities. In this post, I’ll recollect some interesting happenings on that day through photos.

Flipkart executive introducing the purpose of the bloggers’ meet and the activities lined up for the day. 

Garmin (almost) smart but precision measurement watches to measure the no. of steps walked, calories burned, etc.

Samsung (real) smart watches with actual apps. There is a circular ring along with a couple of buttons to navigate and select options. These watches come with a stylish charger too.

Red Chief’s ‘lightest’ leather shoe!

Altec Lansing’s rugged water-proof speakers: Water literally dances on it. There is even a mount to fix these speakers on your bike handle bar!

Coleman Party Stacker to store and carry hot and cold foods during an outing.

Adventure games at Mango Mist Resorts, Bangalore:

Of course, I didn’t try any of these ‘stressful’ and ‘dangerous’ adventure games shown above. The games I did try were –



Fish Spa:

Needless to say, I loved the above three ‘adventure’ activities 😛 I should mention that I hit the same bottle twice in the 5 shots I got while shooting. Being an NCC top shooter helped after all! Archery was slightly more difficult as I was trying it for the first time. However, I hit all 5 arrows on the board, and two of them within the red circle. I missed yellow, though!

There were some more indulgences like,

Mocktail 🙂

Rain dance 🙂

OK, I will stop the photos here. Otherwise, you might burn with even more jealousy 😛

At the end of the wonderful meet, many bloggers played ‘Paint ball’. I thought it would be some dangerous combat game with guns that’ll spoil my fashionable clothes. So I didn’t participate. But all of them were given military clothing and the ‘combat’ was so non-dangerous that one might even check their mobile updates in the battle field 😛 Next time I will make sure to play this one too 🙂

Thanks to Flipkart and indiBlogger for arranging such a wonderful meet 🙂 I hope such meets could be arranged at Chennai too, in the future. But Bangalore is a wonderful city to visit occasionally anyway 😉

Destination Infinity

PS: BTW, just one day before this meet I got engaged to Ramya Ishwarya. Our marriage has been fixed in the month of June 🙂


  • Nandhini Chandrasekaran

    One-liner images are easier to navigate than lengthy paras for this kind of posts. Wait a minute, no food? By the way, the next bloggers meet will be in chennai in June, on your wedding 😛 So be prepared to feed a huge gang!!!

    • Rajesh K

      One-liner image are always easier to navigate, especially as the attention span of a normal Internet user has been estimated to be 6s per page!

      Destination Infinity

  • Jeevan

    Sounds like a really fun time with fellow bloggers! You should have tried the adventure ones, rather choosing solo games 🙂 I have heard of smart watch but seeing it first time here and the speaker where water dancing was amusing.

  • Locomente

    Wow! Congratulations for the marriage!!! Looking forward to read some posts on how u met her and stuffs!

    I missed this event… I was out of the city. Else I would have surely come… Next time!!! So I indeed burnt with jealousy.

    Thanks for sharing the pics. I am sure that fish spa should have been really adventurous!!!

    • Rajesh K

      Thanks. Ours is an arranged marriage, so I met her through the usual girl-seeing ritual 🙂

      Yes, the fish spa was my favorite ‘adventure’ activity in the resort for the day 😛

      Destination Infinity

  • Manogna

    Hey, congratulations DI, on your engagement.
    I liked the idea of a fish spa.
    So the attention span of a reader is 6s?
    Thanks for the info..