Whom to Vote for this TN Assembly Elections 2016?

The Tamil Nadu Assembly polls are scheduled to be held on 16th May 2016. I got my voter ID during the last national elections and it was easy to decide which party to vote, then. But deciding whom to vote for this TN assembly elections 2016 isn’t that easy or simple!

Let’s look at the options –

  1. Ruling AIADMK party: Apart from the disastrous handling of the floods last December and a few party caders insisting on sticking Amma photos even on the relief materials from other states/private companies, there doesn’t seem to be much against the ruling Govt. The current rule seems to be satisfactory and there is not much law and order issues either. Many new initiatives have been started by this Govt. but having Amma name in every initiative is not very appealing. At least, that might become the reason for its discontinuation if there is a change in the Govt.
  2. DMK & Congress combine: Even during the last elections when DMK lost with a huge margin, we ought to remember that they still had over 22% vote share. Besides, we have seen people of Tamil Nadu having this habit of changing the ruling party every five years, and with DMK being one of the two main parties, this combine has a strong chance. If they are not able to form a Govt. by themselves, they might align with the below-mentioned combine or independent parties, post elections. But why form an alliance with Congress in spite of what happened during the previous state elections, I don’t understand.
  3. Makkal Nala Kootani: DMDK, MDMK, CPI, CPI(M), VCK, TMC are the major parties in this alliance. This is an interesting and strong combine but I am not sure if they will come close to winning a majority during this election. They may or may not become the King but may very well become the King Maker!
  4. BJP and PMK are contesting independently. Hmmm…

I am now thoroughly confused on whom to vote for. Hope I will decide something before the election date for TN assembly polls! 🙂

Destination Infinity

PS: Have any of you decided anything?

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  • Rajesh Mani

    May be not intrusive .. Why you missed Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK)? Any specific reason? You should go through their administrative draft plan(seayarpattu varaivu) to get an understanding of their vision. You will get woooooow factor.

  • Jeevan

    I decided to go for an independent candidate and I find the actor, passionate social activist and motivational speaker Kitty the right person to go behind. He’s a strong man against corruption and his motive to contest in election is mainly to inspire youngster and he invite ideas from public too.

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