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KABALI: 15 Interesting Facts about THE MOVIE

Rajnikanth‘s next movie, Kabali, is releasing world-wide on Friday, July 22, 2016. Rajnikanth is a Hero & Super Star in Tamil – a regional language in India, but speakers are spread across the world.

The pre-launch buzz is just too much to handle, at least here in Chennai. In the meanwhile, I thought why not list a few interesting facts about Kabali that you ought to know.

  1. Kabali is primarily a Tamil movie with major viewership in Tamil Nadu. The movie has also been dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam. Wait: there are Malay, Thai and Chinese versions of this movie too!
  2. Budget: 70 Crores INR. Pre-release Revenue: 200 Crores INR.
  3. Kabali is expected to release in 750 theaters across Tamil Nadu, more than 500 theaters in the USA, and more than 12,000 screens across the world. This is more than double that of the recent super-hit Hindi movie Sultan starring Salman Khan, who is a major Bollywood star popular across India.
  4. Air Asia, Cadburys 5-Star, Airtel, Amazon, Muthoot Fincorp, are just a few brands that have associated with the movie for marketing.
  5. This movie is rumored to be about a person named Kabaleeswaran who goes to Malaysia from Tamil Nadu to work in a rubber farm and fights the bosses who oppress the laborers there.
  6. A few companies in Chennai and Bengaluru have declared a holiday on July 22 because they were not able to handle the enormous leave requests from employees on that day. The first three days are already fully booked in most theaters.
  7. Kabali is the only Tamil movie to be released on July 22, and there are no major releases for at least two weeks afterwards in TN.
  8. The producer of this movie, S Thanu, has produced Rajnikanth’s 1978 Tamil movie called Bairavi, but the two have not worked together since, except for this movie.
  9. With more than 5 million views within 24 hours of its release, Kabali movie trailer/teaser is now the most viewed trailer in Asia.
  10. Kabali will also premiere at Le Grand Rex in Paris, France.
  11. Satellite rights for this movie was bought by Jaya TV.
  12. The director of this movie, Pa. Ranjith, has directed two hit and critically acclaimed movies – Attakathi (2012) and Madras (2014).
  13. Kaali and Kannabiran were also considered as prospective titles for Kabali initially.
  14. The shooting mostly happened in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Bangkok.
  15. The story is rumored to be loosely based on a Don from Mylapore, Chennai.

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So the question is not WHETHER you are going to watch Kabali, but WHEN? πŸ™‚

Kabali Trailer/Teaser:


  • Avada Kedavra

    Interesting. I keep seeing this on Facebook that Salman has to release his movie on a holiday but the day Rajni’s movie gets released is declared as a holiday. So when are you going to watch this movie?

    • Rajesh K

      There are some rumors of him being unwell, but none about politics. I guess that rumor has been done-to-death already πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

  • Manogna

    ya, i am eagerly waiting for the movie. Since you mentioned it, I think the music in the trailer is awesome. We have booked the tickets to the movie already, first day ,evening show!

    • Rajesh K

      You are lucky – you stay abroad. At least you are able to book the first day tickets. Many of us are not as fortunate!

      Destination Infinity

  • SG

    I just booked to see Kabali on Friday. I could have booked for tomorrow Thursday – opening day – first show. But I have previous commitment.

  • Sandhya Kumar

    I liked his ‘Baasha’, ‘Annamalai’ etc. But never saw any of his movies in theatres! Let me wait for two weeks, see the trend and then go to the theater this time! Thanks for the anecdotes!

  • Jeevan

    Cool facts about the movie… I heard S. Thanu is the person behind the title superstar, because he’s the first person to refer him like that in his posters then.

    I plan to watch this movie 2 weeks later… but my bro is going tomorrow and he got the ticket for the first day.

    • Rajesh K

      Oh, good to know about who was the person behind the Superstar title πŸ™‚ I too may watch it 2-3 weeks later.

      Destination Infinity