My Autobiography: WWF

WWF stands for World Wrestling Federation. It’s also loosely used to indicate the ‘sport’ in which there are practically no rules. One person can hit another person however in any style they like and many of these ‘professional wrestling artists’ had their own style!

WWF was the rage when I was studying in 6th Std. or so. We were all awed by the lack of rules in the sport and the freestyle with which one contestant hit another. It was the meanest thing we had seen yet and at that age we were easily drawn towards the ‘sport’.

I still remember a few WWF contestants who were very popular – Hit Man, The Undertaker, Lex Luger, Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, etc. We even had cards with popular WWF sportspeople and there was a cult following among my friends for many of them.

Once, I remember someone telling me that WWF fights were not real. The young adventurous me, like many others of my age, KNEW they were for REAL. We just did not want it to be otherwise.

Whether they were for real or not, we had SUPER FUN watching the matches (fights). I remember watching a fight where 40 or so contestants were inside a single ring and people were hitting anyone and everyone around them. What a match that was!

Like our reality shows and mega serials nowadays, there was no shortage of theatricals. We liked all that back then.

But with age, like how I grew out of fantasy, I also grew out of WWF. Reality makes life a tad more uninteresting, don’t you agree 😛

Destination Infinity

PS: I remember WWF being called as WWE after a few years. Anyone knows what it’s called now or if this ‘sport’ even exists today?

PS-2: I just discovered a ‘wrestling’ video from Youtube. It’s super fun even now. Have a dekho 🙂


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