My Autobiography: ‘Teaching’ my Teachers!!

I want to fast-forward my life to around 2-weeks back when I got a unique opportunity to ‘teach’ (some of) my school teachers. Actually it was a short presentation showing them how to do something but still I’d like to count it as a teaching experience. I went to the same auditorium where I spent many hours playing and acting and praying and . . .  🙂

Think about this: How many of us could ever hope to get an opportunity to teach our school teachers, even if only for 15 minutes? I guess I am extremely lucky that I got one!

As you can guess, most of them didn’t even recognize me until I told them my name and that I was their student. I feel happy that a few teachers recognized me.

I can’t believe that some teachers were looking exactly like how they looked so many years back. One of them even suggested that I die my hair to look younger, but I generally like to look older 😛

Destination Infinity

PS: I have taken up a temporary part-time position as an IT Manager in my school(s), in addition to managing my online publishing business. Feels good to do something back to the institution that gave me so much, including memories 🙂

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17 thoughts on “My Autobiography: ‘Teaching’ my Teachers!!

  1. That’s a rare chance indeed !
    The stage that saw you as a student now sees you as an accomplished individual ..pride
    Wish you well in your new work engagement with your school.

  2. That’s really nice and your teachers should be pride that their student has grown to teach them something. Congrats for the part time business with your school 🙂

    Happy thala Pongal!

  3. That must be an interesting experience. Working in your school must be making you nostalgic. One of my teachers is now my relative (my cousin married his grand daughter) so every time I meet him, it reminds me of his classes 🙂

  4. Wow, good to see that you are not stuck in a single thing and are actually venturing into other stuff as well, like a part time job and all. I miss the good old school days, but so much has changed with my school, I can hardly recognize it! Most of my teachers have retired or moved to other cities.

    1. Actually that part-time job is only temporary. Just to help.. will be back to that single thing soon 🙂 Yea, that teachers and batchmates moving away is the reality of life everywhere..

      Destination Infinity

  5. Teachers never gets aged. They look the same even after many years.. Nostalgic post.

    If I could say, you used ‘die’ instead of ‘dye’. Don’t thank me 🙂

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