Is Durability in Mobile Phones NOT Valued any longer?

Don’t confuse durability with quality. All products need to be quality products to succeed in the market.  Durability refers to the longevity of the product life. How long we are able to use the product, i.e.

A few years back, both quality and durability were considered important factors to buy a product. But with mobile phones and a few other electronic gadgets, I wonder if durability is valued any longer.

That is because, new phones with latest features and higher capacity is released so frequently nowadays that my mobile phone was already obsolete the moment I bought it!

Nowadays, at least once in a year, I look for reasons to upgrade to the latest mobile. I can just buy a new phone, but I — like many others — have this need to justify a new purchase.

Now, what if, the mobile phone stops working or develops some technical issue just after the first year of warranty? That would give me the perfect reason to buy a new phone – won’t it?

That’s why I have started thinking that durability, at least in mobile phones and a few other similar gadgets, may be a minus point.

Actually, I had one HTC phone that I used for almost 6-years. While I did not incur the financial losses of having to buy a new mobile, I did have to drop my face when everyone around me were showing off their latest mobiles with latest features. My phone was working perfectly, and hence I didn’t have a good enough reason to change it!

Same happened with my Toshiba laptop. While I wanted to upgrade to a better processor, RAM and storage capacity, the old one would just not stop functioning.

In both the above cases, losing my patience after sometime, I just went ahead and bought a new mobile and laptop although the old ones were working fine. That damn HTC phone is still working!!

If vendors can include an auto-kill switch or something in every gadget which will enable us to kill it at will, it will be great. That way, there’ll be no need to justify a new purchase to ourselves or others. What do you think? 😀

Destination Infinity


    • Rajesh K

      That is true. In my case at least, it is also keeping up with myself – I check the specs of new phones that are released with the one I already have. Hmmm…! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  • Jeevan

    I think it’s depending on people’s priority, and if it was only talking and sms any feature phone is enough. All phones are produced with certain durability and I bought a 4g smartphone 1 ½ years back and it still working well and I haven’t used to 4g yet. But, yes durability is not promise these days and electronic gadgets can switch off anytime and for no reasons also.

  • Alok Singhal

    Come on, why do you want to kill the earlier ones, just sell them off 😊

    I sold my earlier Apple (even Nokia) phone in India a year back and bought a new one in the US.
    In India, vendors purchase anything and everything!

  • Avada Kedavra

    When I want to upgrade, I hand over the old model to mom and get myself a new model. Hehe 😀 She is not so interested in owning latest model.
    Btw why are you not posting much these days? Busy?

  • sm

    now a days mobile makers make the phone which lasts only for 1 or 2 year as Indians are spending on mobile phones without thinking , many think before buying but majority just change the phone.

  • Sujatha

    “””It was obsolete the moment I bought it””….haha …So true ..happens so often with modern gadgets
    “Auto kill switch.”…. that’s something New now

    So many choices , so many updated versions , so many innovative features …. justifies yOur post and YOur search

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