Play with Snow in Chennai: VGP Snow Kingdom

The VGP Snow Kingdom, near VGP Golden Beach, is an excellent snow-based theme park in Chennai where you can walk, touch, and play with snow. Maybe ice. I guess since they maintain the 14,000 sq. feet of space at Minux Six Deg. C the snow doesn’t melt.

The Snow Kingdom is right next to VGP Golden Beach & Resorts campus and in the same building as the Click Art Museum. We went there on a Monday afternoon and hence there was not much crowd. The ticket cost was Rs. 450 per adult when we went. Sometimes they run deals that offerΒ a lower ticket price on their website – you can also book tickets online there.

They give a thick jacket, rubber boots, and gloves for everyone to better manage the cold-temp inside. Initially, we halted in an acclimatization area which is slightly cooler. After being there for a few minutes, we were let in.

We were able to FEEL the COLD almost immediately!

For the first few minutes, I was just standing or walking slowly and trying to adjust to the temperature. If you want to take photos inside, there is another issue – you need to remove the gloves! It’s difficult to remove the gloves for longer durations. I did touch the snow a couple of times with bare hands. It was like touching the ice in our fridge πŸ™‚

There is a small resting room (maintained at a higher temperature) near the exit gate where people can go to temporarily get some respite from the cold. I think I went there twice during the 45-minutes session. Whenever I entered that area, my glasses were filled with mist and I had to wipe them off.

There were a few rides. One could skate down the slope sitting on a round tube or lying down on a sledge. For kids, there is a smaller slope. One can know how it feels like to trek over the Himalayas by climbing a small similar setup here. Of course, I didn’t try any of these πŸ™‚

There is a small igloo, there are a few polar bear & sea elephants, there are snow world dolls, there are houses, there are mountains, etc. These locations are great for taking nice photos and selfies. You can see most of them in the above-embedded video. BTW, our new friend narrates our travel story to the Snow KingdomΒ in the video – so don’t miss πŸ™‚

I think the Snow Kingdom is best enjoyed during a hot afternoon in Chennai. Once you step out make sure to walk briskly to the shops at the neighboring VGP Golden Beach and drink a hot coffee/tea. You’ll need it πŸ™‚

Destination Infinity

Timing: 10 A.M. to 8 P.M.; Open all 365 days.

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13 thoughts on “Play with Snow in Chennai: VGP Snow Kingdom

  1. I am glad you enjoyed Snow Kingdom. While reading this post, I was smiling. We lived in a city in USA for 5 years where it snowed 7 months in a year.

  2. I can see you enjoyed the trip thoroughly! Nice memories for you! We have to visit this place sometime!

    I saw snow floating down once when I was in London, covering my relative’s car and lawn. It was fun watching it!

    Enjoy as much as you can now, Rajesh, Ramya!

  3. Sounds cool really, but I don’t think I could bear such cold or the heavy suits. Wish I could check the click art museum someday. Glad you both enjoy

  4. Haha yeah it’s really cold and since we in the south are not used to such chilling temperatures it hits us hard. Happened with us too….both in snow world in Bangalore and in Hyderabad. We also spent time in the resting area during that 45 min session. And agree about the pics taking troubles too…taking off the gloves πŸ™‚ but overall nice experience

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