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Our hassles of watching Vivegam FDFS

FDFS = First Day First Show.

This post is not the movie review for Vivegam. Click on the prev. link if you wanna read that.

This post is about the hassles we faced while trying to watch Vivegam FDFS. Actually, I didn’t watch it FDFS – I’ll come to that part later.

Around four days before the launch of the Tamil movie starring Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar, I and Ramya decided that we want to see Vivegam FDFS. So I checked for tickets online, but most of the theaters were houseful for the first three days.

Amazingly, we found a few tickets only in one theater. The show was at 11:59. So I immediately grabbed the opportunity and booked two tickets.

But only after I booked I saw two crucial words after 11:59 – P.M.

Before booking, I seriously thought they meant 11:59 Noon. But now I realized my oversight!! The issue is, tickets cannot be canceled once booked. I even emailed the website support team to confirm if the movie was indeed being screened at 12:00 midnight and they replied on the affirmative. I thought OK, it’s been a long time since I watched a night show, so let’s go…

On the day of the movie, I got an SMS and email from the movie ticket booking website that the show has been preponed postponed by 45 minutes!! So the new starting time was 12:44 A.M., to be precise. We still decided to go.

At 12 A.M. the area around the theater was choked with traffic because no one was let inside the theater and all five screens were about to show the same movie at the same time. Since it was clear that it would be a hassle to even get in, and since the next day was Vinayaka Chathurthi – preparations were due from early in the morning, Ramya wanted to go home.

I dropped her home and was back to the theater at around 12:30 A.M. You thought I’ll leave so easily? No way 😛

At 12:45 A.M I was still waiting outside the theater. Wasn’t the show supposed to have started by then? Ya, but… At last the gatekeepers decide to open the gates at 12.50 or so… The fans who surprised me by maintaining silence and decorum on the road went berserk once inside!

The movie finally started playing at 1:20 A.M.!! So I watched it SDFS – Second Day First Show 🙂

Here is a small recap of the fans’ excitement:

At 4 A.M. in the morning, I was finally outside the theater after having watched the movie. I was not feeling even a bit sleepy. Do I look sleepy in the below selfie with AK? 😀

Destination Infinity

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