Think Beyond a Selfie for the Best Selfie Experience

That’s one of our favorite photos taken using a selfie camera because it shows our favorite game (Darts) right behind us. Ya, we still play these sort of games sometimes. We don’t keep scores and all, but we just play for fun ๐Ÿ™‚

But, knowing me, you should have guessed I wouldn’t stop with that photo. A selfie photo always has the potential to become more interesting. How about removing the background for a start. Here is the result,

selfie with background removedThis one with a transparent background looks better,ย doesn’t it?

But if you really want to make the selfie photo look at its bestestย and unique, you ought to think WILD and OUTSIDE the BOX. Why not convert the photo into a video? Why not emboss it on a 3D heart? Why not have a few hearts on the background? Well, here it is –

Don’t you think that makes the photo much more exciting? It’s not just a photo anymore but it’s a full-fledged creative video in 3D! Do you think anyone in your circle can match a selfie shown like this?

By the way, Mobiistar India, a Vietnam-based Mobile Phone brand, is launching their selfie-focused mobile phones for the Indian market on this Wednesday, May 23, 2018. They are planning to introduce smartphones with two selfie cameras on the front which captures a 120-Degree wide-angle shot so that you get to cover more and enjoy more! If you are too curious, here is the Mobiistar launch page on Flipkart.

And here is a nice promo video made by Mobiistar,

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