Kaala Movie Review

Kaala Movie Review:

*Plus: AC, Selfie with Thalaivar’s banner, Veg. Puff & Popcorn…
*Minus: Everything else.

Finally, a Rajni movie that makes more sound than Sivaji. And is more storyless than Sivaji. Am glad that at least one FB friend of mine mentioned about the absence of a credible storyline.

Is this the same director who directed Madras? Kabali was a hundred times better.

An agenda is not a movie.

Destination Infinity

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6 thoughts on “Kaala Movie Review

  1. I do not see films. Nevertheless, I could see your rapier wit in full flow in your review.But the success of a film at the box office is not determined by reviews in media but by inexplicable mass appeal , the curiosity of the film goers and film’s topicality.

    1. Going by the reviews by many of my Facebook friends, it looks like people also prefer to watch movies that are made to promote an agenda, even if there is not much of a story. So the box office results doesn’t matter to me.

      Destination Infinity

  2. Kaala gives us no choice but to be impressed by its propensity towards grandeur. It mows through our apprehensions conveying the urgency of a pre-fixed wrestling match. Many thanks for sharing this blog.

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