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My Experience at our First Exhibition

After attending many exhibitions as a visitor, I had always wanted to participate in one as an exhibitor. That opportunity finally arrived yesterday with our participation in this one-day expo.

Planning and preparation took a considerable amount of time. While Ramya had to make the fashion jewellery products, I had to learn and make videos for demonstration. I decided to debut a new service – 3D Photo Slideshows at this expo, hence the need for that learning.

We had to design and order banners & visiting cards. We had to keep visitor diaries and bill books. We had to plan for extra table & chairs. Besides, we bought a photography light box to take nice pictures of the bangles before converting them into a video.

That gave visibility to both her bangles and my video creation πŸ™‚ We kept this video on loop through out the day – thanks to Microsoft Powerpoint πŸ™‚

The day before the exhibition was the most hectic. We were still preparing our products but also had to organise everything and pack it. The next day morning we reached the venue in a cab – one hour later than we had originally planned.

The above pic was taken in the morning when we were eager and fresh. Had we taken the same pic in the evening, when we both were very tired, you’d have seen something different altogether πŸ˜‰ Yes, all that standing and talking proved difficult physically.

Coming to the actual sales, Ramya managed to sell around 10% of her stocks to outsiders and another 10% to our family and friends who were gracious enough to visit us. I got a few leads, but since I am selling a service, my actual work begins today – with all those follow-up messages and mails.

Frankly one cannot expect a lot of sales, especially at their first exhibition – or any exhibition, and we knew it. We were there more for the experience and connections. I feel it’s important to spread the word and business will eventually happen.

One also needs to allocate a considerable amount (of budget) for buying food and water/drinks at the expo. We became so hungry that I was not able to track how much we spent on food items, in spite of packing idly-upma from home!

Altogether this was an interesting experience. Was it productive? We’ll have to wait and see.

Here are the two videos I made for displaying at this expo –


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