Forest Genetic Resources Tree Park near Vandalur, Chennai

Tamil Nadu Forest Department has built the Forest Genetic Resources Tree Park at Kolapakkam, near Vandaloor Zoo at Chennai. Actually, this huge park is located on the Kelambakkam-Vandalur highway after crossing Vandaloor Zoo. So, if you are going from Tambaram towards Chengalpettu, you’ll have to take the left turn just after Vandalur Zoo and travel a couple of Kilo Meters down the road. I guess it’s not walkable distance from the zoo, try to travel in a vehicle.

It seems this park has just been opened on 16th August 2018 by Dindigul C. Sreenivasan, Hon’ble Minister for Forests, TN. I guess the objective of the park is to showcase the different varieties of wild trees to everyone. Hence, they have planted many varieties of tree saplings. At a few places, they have also kept information boards with the name of the tree species, its classification, description, etc. Currently the boards are in English, but it seems they are planning to give the information in Tamil also, soon.

Since the park was just one week-old when I visited, they had not set up the ticketing system yet. They are planning to charge Rs. 5 per person to enter this park in the future – but until the system is setup, entry will be free of cost. There is a functional Aavin Parlour selling milk based beverages and eatables outside this park already!

I feel this is a much needed initiative, especially by the Government. I am sure parks like these will spread information about our native trees and inspire people to grow new trees or at least conserve existing ones. Don’t forget to see the above embedded video where I have shown a few pics I took at this tree park.

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6 thoughts on “Forest Genetic Resources Tree Park near Vandalur, Chennai

  1. I hope they sell saplings to people for planting themat theur homes or farms. This should be the main purposw as part of ecological development.

  2. Preserving and encouraging of growing trees is much needed to our environment and earth, and glad the govt. has come up with a project like this to promote the important for trees and let people know our native trees and shrubs. Thanks for letting know about this park and hope they continue to do the development work.

    1. There is one forest resources research centre nearby and this is their initiative. Ya, it’s good to see the Govt. actively doing such things.

      Destination Infinity

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