PVR ICON Cinemas @ VR Mall, Anna Nagar

PVR ICON Cinemas has just opened at the 3rd floor of the VR Mall at Anna Nagar, Chennai. The VR Mall was opened only 2-3 months back, so the entire setup is new. And big.

If I remember correctly, there were 10 screens in this Cinema Complex. 10 screens. I don’t think I have seen as many theatres within a single complex anywhere else in Chennai – except maybe Mayajaal.

The ticket rates are on par with other theatres. We went to see ’96 (First half was OK, second half was so slow.) and the tickets were priced at Rs. 150 each, which is less than the maximum ticket prices prescribed by the Govt. Maybe because we went on a weekday.

The parking charges at VR Mall currently stands at Rs. 30 for the first hour and Rs. 20 for every hour afterwards (two-wheeler).

Surprisingly, for a PVR complex at that, we found a small popcorn for as less as Rs. 100! Can you believe it? I think, the minimum charges for popcorn at Ampa Skywalk is Rs. 220 by the same PVR group.

The snacks were priced lower than other PVR complexes – maybe because the theatre is new. Or maybe they have revised their snacks pricing in order to sell more (I hope). We even found Indian chat items like bhel puri, pani puri, etc. Otherwise, the menu is similar to other PVRs.

This new PVR ICON Cinemas looks beautiful. The decor is all gold and yellow. I have made a short photo slideshow video with a few pics taken at this venue. Enjoy 🙂

Destination Infinity
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10 thoughts on “PVR ICON Cinemas @ VR Mall, Anna Nagar

  1. Thanks for introducing this new mall and theater complex. May be they want to “hook” the people, That is why the initial low price,

  2. You must check the sound levels at these new theatre complexes. I have started doing that nowadays. Above 85 decibels is illegal but the new places do not follow it. Recently a new PVR multiplex in Pune was blaring sounds above 95 db and this can cause deafness. I complained to the MD and he said it is being fixed. Well, I sure hope so!

    1. A very valid point. Wasn’t aware of the damages due to high sound levels until I read your blog post on the same. Will keep a watch (ear) for such things in the future.

      Destination Infinity

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