Selfie with Bahubali Characters

During our recent Thrissur (Kerala) trip, we went to an exhibition/show called DJ Amusements, upon an autowallah’s recommendation. That turned out to be our best outing in Thrisur.

Selfie-loving people that we are, we found many many objects to take selfies with. Sorry if you came to this post thinking we actually managed to take selfies with the actual actors of Bahubali movie. Although that might happen soon, it has not yet. 😛

Anyways, coming back to DJ Amusements at Thrisur, they had an entire gallery with a few Bahubali characters and objects. We jumped on the opportunity to take some selfies with the cardboard/plaster of paris duplicated stars. Of course, there were other galleries too – stay tuned to this blog to get bombarded with more photos/videos from this place.

I have embedded a short video with a few selfie photos with Bahubali stars, above. Hozz itt? 🙂

Destination Infinity

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