Email Marketing Trends – 2018

E-Mail marketing is important for business growth as email is still the best medium to communicate with customers and prospects. So, it’s very important for businesses to develop an email list and communicate with them frequently.

One of the popular Email Marketing service provider MyEmma published a blog post about their Email Marketing Predictions for 2018, and how those fared over the year. Here are some highlights from that post,

The first one of our email marketing predictions for 2018 was a bigger focus on engagement, rather than acquisition.

Some companies lost 50% of their email subscriber base (as a result of GDPR implemented in the EU). However, the news wasn’t all bad. This was an opportunity for brands to see who their engaged, dedicated subscribers were.

While the email lists may have become smaller, the potential for great results is still there if you have a list of dedicated subscribers.

I feel, while it’s important to focus on acquisition and have a larger email list, not all of them are engaged. So it may be important (and cost effective) to right-size the email list time to time.

Accessibility, also known as inclusive design, means thinking strategically about things like alt text, contrast, legibility, and markup so that everyone in your audience can access and interact with your content—regardless of disabilities or assistive devices.

While it is important to design beautiful looking emails, not everyone will/can access them as html might be blocked by certain organisations/email providers. So, the text that accompanies these emails should provide a good summary of the messages.

From personal experience, I look forward to receiving mails from a marketer who sends nor more than 5 lines of text in each email. And may be one link.

One of our email marketing predictions for 2018 was that sending fewer promos would help drive engagement.

We suggested that brands instead focus on offering value through their email campaigns instead of simply pushing promo codes and discount offers.

Quality always wins over quantity. If you keep bombarding people with generic emails, they are going to stop opening your emails altogether! It’s always better to send few emails with a lot of value than many emails that are going to be unopened or sent to the spam folder.

So, did minimalism and simplicity win out over walls of text this year?

It’s hard to say if people prefer the simple email design but a lot of major brands are following that trend.

Yes, I feel simplicity is very important. Shorter mails with a simple message are easy to read and digest. If you want your readers to take action, I feel minimalism is the way to go.

We feel that contextual email will become the wave of the future. As mentioned several times throughout this article, marketers need to look for a way to set their email campaign apart from the hundreds of other campaigns someone may see throughout a week.

After all, why would I, living in India want to get emails about Black Friday Deals available only in the US? The ones that target global audience is fine, but local campaigns need to segment and target only local email audience.

Here is the link to the full post – What we got wrong (and right) with our email marketing predictions for 2018

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