Send Flyers & Receive RSVPs for Your Event

Paperless Post Flyers makes it easy to send online flyers for your offline events like birthday party, holiday/festival gathering, professional/personal get-together, functions, etc.

You can start from one of their ready made designs customise it with your content and media. The support and availability of GIFs in addition to images makes the flyer look really cool.

Once you are done designing your flyer, you can enter the email addresses of the recipients to whom Paperless post will automatically send the event details and RSVP link. Or, you could just copy the event link and share it over social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

When people click on the link, they’d be taken to the event page where they can read the details of the event like date, venue, etc. If they wish to attend, they can click on RSVP to include their name in the list of attendees, which too can be displayed on the event page. This makes it easier to track who’s coming.

An online flyer not only makes it easy to organise events and track attendee list, but it will also make your beautiful invite the topic of your group discussions and will put you on to the pedestal of your group fame – well, for some time at least. Who knows, it might even pull in attendees who were reluctant initially.

The best part is, Paperless Post Flyers are free-of-cost to try and send – for a limited time. If you have an event coming up anytime soon, do take advantage of this offer. Go have a look at some of their beautiful designs NOW.

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