Our New Mobile Phone with a STYLUS – LG Q Stylus :)

Presenting to you our new mobile phone(s) with a Stylus – the LG Q Styuls Smartphone ๐Ÿ™‚

Frankly, I was researching the best camera phones as we take a lot of selfies and other photos. This mobile was not in the list of camera phones I had shortlisted.

However, when I was casually browsing for new phones, I found this model released by LG three months back that actually had a stylus in the economy-mid budget range.

If you didn’t get the punch in the last para, read ahead.

I was using Motorola and HTC phones with stylus for many years (I guess around 6-7 years). I was happy operating those Windows-based early touchscreen phones – in fact, I was accustomed to typing and working quickly using the stylus.

But the popularity of iPhones and need for phone manufacturers to standardize on one design to enable economies on scale effectively ended the stylus era.

I knew Samsung Note always came with excellent stylus pens, but those were/are expensive.

Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when I found an economy-mid range phone with my much desired stylus.

I guess LG and Samsung intends these styluses to be used for annotating, note taking, drawing, photo/video decorating, calligraphy-like hand writings, and other such creative stuff. Of course, I am going to use it for that purpose too.

But, at least to me, more than my fingers, a stylus seems to be a better option for typing or even doing general operations like opening and closing apps, browsing, clicking on links, etc. And this stylus already feels great for Android phone operations – I have tested it!

The stylus is simple and it feels nice to write/draw on the screen. At this price, you can’t expect an S-Pen, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

The LG Q Stylus has a nice selfie camera. I just wish the rear/main camera was as good – it isn’t. Low light photos look like typical budget phone photos. Well, this phone is close to the budget range anyway – so no big complaints.


Destination Infinityย 

PS: Here is LG’s video ad for this phone that gives an overview of the major features/specs –ย 


Have a look at me writing on this phone using the stylus –ย 

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