Highway Eat-Gazing

Don’t search the meaning of eat-gazing in dictionaries. You won’t find it – I just inveted the term 🙂

One of my favorite past times, especially when I am traveling on my bike in closed highway routes (like the Maduravoyil-Tambaram highway) is to eat-gaze.

Let me explain.

I travel some distance into the highway. These are closed toll highways that do not have openings or shops – mostly for the entire stretch.

Once I cross a few hundred meters, sufficient to confirm that the vehicles behind me cannot turn back, I stop my bike on the side.

I select an upward curve that goes right so that I and my bike are clearly visible to people who are coming from behind.

I then take out a veg. puff, samosa, cutlet or some other eatable that I had purchased due to advance planning. I also take out a maaza, sprite or some other beverage. I hold each in one hand.

And then I start eating/drinking slowly. One bite, one sip. Second bite, second sip. And so on. I would have generally invested in multiple items to eat, as I want to match the time I take to drink the beverage bottle fully.

What happens during these times is, as I am fully visible to people who pass by me, they get a clear look of what I am eating/drinking. That tickles their taste buds. Naturally, many of them would be tempated to eat/drink something immediately.

The issue is, they’ll have to travel at least 20-30 minutes to get out of the highway and find a shop. Irrespective of how rich they might be, or how expensive their car is, they are simply HELPLESS AT THAT POINT and cannot get anything tasty to eat. Of course, if people were well planned like me, they might be carrying something to eat. But most people are careless/lazy.

Knowing that I am the ONLY ONE who can enjoy a tasty snack on a closed highway – at least that closed highway, I stick a mild smile on my face throughout my atorocity.

That irritates people – at least a few. And that entertains me.

🙂 😀 🙂

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